Monday, August 31, 2009

Stacey and Mike

Saturday night, cousin Debby and family came over to watch Aden. He usually goes to bed around 7 . They had so much fun playing with him, he was up till 9! Amy looked pretty. We weren't sure how to dress as the invitation said "Evening Casual." Turns out the dress was all over the place, but the guys mostly wore their shirts out.

We went to the Addison Restaurant in Boca. It was a beautiful place with giant Banyan trees in the middle. It was way too dark to take any pictures. Oh well. You will just have to see it for yourself.

First dance for Stacey and Mike. They got married a few weeks ago in the Napa Valley. This was just the party. I grew up with Stacey and visit her whenever I'm in Florida.

The beautiful bride.

The cake, which was chocolate with a fruit layer.

There were two levels and an outside area.

The back of the dress. She wore it around California and it was already starting to come apart at the bottom.

A toast for everyone.

Oh well, no cake in the face.

Kevin, Andy and Jason from high school.

It's like nothing's changed.

Lola and Michelle.

We had a fun night. It was great catching up with everyone.

Sunday morning, we cleaned up the house and loaded up our awesome MKX. We are really going to miss it, it was such a nice car.

It was another smooth plane ride. We pretty much fed Aden the whole way to keep him occupied.

Someone was happy to be home!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Attack of the Prairie Dogs

It's Sunday night and we are home! I will need two more posts to catch up. We did so much, it was crazy. Friday night, we went over Amy's friend Lisa's house in Boca. Last March, we went on the beach with them and in January we went to that park that had the carrousel for those of you keeping score. Lucas is about 5 months older than Aden. He's really funny.

We brought in pizzas and hung out. Lisa and Matt are a fun couple. She's pregnant with her second.

At midnight Friday night, the space shuttle took off. As you might recall, we saw the shuttle go up in March. I was so excited that I was close by for another. I went out to the beach, but it was cloudy and I only saw it for a few seconds before it was gone so I didn't get a good picture :-(

Saturday morning we waited for mommy to get up. I guess he's not scared of heights.

We are practicing our walking as much as possible.

He doesn't have daddy's nose, yet!

He can now go forward in the walker, before it was only backwards.

We met my cousin Debbie and her family for breakfast.

We have been to this place several times now. It's pretty good. They all were so excited to see Aden.

Back to their house for a quick visit, Aden showed of his drum skills.

They have tons of animals. Aden loved it. This is a prairie dog! Who has a prairie dog? In fact, they have 2, a boy and a girl. They asked Amy if she wanted any babies for her classroom. She said no.

This is some kind of weird marsupial. They also have dogs, rabbits, fish lizards, frogs and so on.

Prairie dog is on the loose!

This is my grandmother's sister in law. She's still a substitute teacher at Boca High!

We finally made it to the beach. It was so hot, we went right into the water, which was almost 90 degrees!

Everyone else had the same idea.

This was Aden's first time actually out in the ocean. He had so much fun!

Then we tried the float.

Mommy wanted her turn.

Hey, you are pretty far out there! We have to go get ready for the wedding!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Baby in the Pool!

We finally made it to the pool! Aden wasn't sure about all this.

So dapper in his hat.

Now this is the life.

Baby in the pool!

He seemed to like it.

Now it's daddy's turn!

He's starting to kick his legs and move his arms a little.


Uh oh, he had enough, time to get out.

He wanted to work on his tan.

We went back to the mll to meet cousin Carol at the Grand Lux Cafe for lunch. These are some nice places on the way.

It was great to catch up with Carol. She bought Aden his first pair of sunglasses.

They had fun.

Then a quick trip to Barnes and Noble to get Lucas a gift. Aden is sleeping now. We are going to Lisa and Matt's house foe dinner. Aden will love playing with Lucas.