Monday, October 31, 2022

Cheer Pictures

It's Halloween night!  It was kind of a bummer.  The kids scattered so almost nobody trick or treated on our street.  It was hard to get customers for Eli's haunted house, but we did get a few.  It was warm but it also rained pretty hard.  That ended the night early and ended the World Series for the night.  

Last Sunday, Honey woke us up.  
I had to take her for a walk before 7am.  
Then she took over my side of the bed.  
It was cheer picture time.  Brooklyn's mom helped with Ariel's hair.  
The girls had fun waiting.  
Made some TikToks.  
I gave the girls my camera and they came up with these...

Still waiting.  
The bow just won't stay on.  
Posing time.  
Loving the new uniforms.  
The huge gang.  

Then it was time for Dunkin
The rest of the day was quiet.  
The Phillies won the National League Pennant!  They beat San Diego to go to the World Series.  

So exciting!


Sunday, October 30, 2022

Airborne Tryouts

Last Saturday was another busy one.  We had soccer early.

Eli isn't thrilled but he's been a good sport.  

Grandmom and grandpop came to watch.

It was a big day for Ariel.  She had tryouts at Airborne.  
She really wanted to move up a level and was very nervous which made me very nervous.  
They let the parents watch, which was pretty shocking.  
First they stretched.

The judging panel, which included the owner and Coach Lynde who is moving to Airborne from the Indians.  
So nerve wracking.  The girls were called up 5 at a time to do various moves.  
Ariel did a great job.  She even nailed the roundoff back handspring!
She was happy with herself.  
We went with Dori to Ulta then Alyson took her home.  
Amy and I took the twins to Tyler Park so explore.  
It was a beautiful day.  

We actually hiked pretty far.  

Back through the woods.
This is a cool trail.

We found a pretty bridge.  
We found our way back!
 Dori and Ariel came over.  
Our old sitter Kylie is away at school.  Her brother wanted to sit for us! The first time we had a boy sitter and he did great!

Mason sent us this pic while we were at dinner.  
We got back and Aden and the girls were watching the Phillies.  

I took Aden over to Jaime's house to watch the rest of the game.  Another great win!