Thursday, March 30, 2017

Our Blue Princess

It's Thursday night and we are in the middle of a very loud thunderstorm.  We can't believe we haven't heard from any of the kids yet.  

Yes, they have mastered the step ladder.  

 Here is a preview of Ariel's dance recital outfit.
 We went to the Bucks County Children's Museum with three of the kids.  Aden wanted to hang out with my parents.  
 Now that is Operation!

 We met Ariel's friend Piper there.  All the kids had fun.  Not so much the parents who had to chase the kids around.
 Here's Piper driving Ariel in the ambulance.

 We made shadows.

 Ariel and Piper built an arch.
Which quickly fell.
 Aden had his first baseball practice.

I guess that's a good sign of Spring.
 Aden had some good swings.

 Go Lugnuts!
 We had a quiet Saturday night.  Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Be Our Guest

It was nice today.  We got outside with the kids a bit.  In case you were wondering, Ariel was successful with her sleepover at Eva's house.  We missed seeing her this morning but she had fun.  

These will finish up last week:
 Who needs to go to a salon when you have Aunt Bev?
Did I mention Aden lucked out and all his buddies are on his baseball team again with our friend Mike as the coach.  They had a meeting at Mike's house.  
 He actually had baseball rules and theory for the kids to study.  
 Then they wrestled.  
 Ariel had a fun treat.  She went with grandmom and Amy to lunch and to see Beauty and the Beast.  
Our Princess Belle was very excited.

 When Belle and Beast were dancing, Ariel got up and danced around and did a great job following their moves.
 We had a fun visit with baby Gwen.

 All the neighbor kids playing on our front lawn.
 Ariel is doing great on her bike.  Much better than Aden.
 That's sweet, Jason and Eli.
 Bingo night.  We had done pretty well at these in the past.
 Aden was all business.

 Ariel was more into socializing.  

 Sadly we didn't win anything.  It was also the last time we saw Jason's dad.  

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Reading Enrichment Book Bowl

It's Tuesday night and Ariel is attempting for the second time to sleep over Eva's house.  Wish me luck that I don't end up driving in the middle of the night to get her.  

Back to class.  
 Hey Nate!
 I thought Nate was big but this other boy is the same age too.
 Activity time.

 Dot Dot!
 Black sheep black sheep what do you see?
 The sitter is in charge, let's get out of here...
 Bye Ariel, enjoy your doughnut.
 That night Amy and I took Aden to Council Rock High School for a really cool event.  All the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders in the district were challenged to read 25 chapter books.  Aden has not been the strongest reader but we are so proud at how hard he worked at this.  He ended up reading 16 of the books.  The kids were then broken into teams and sent out around the school to answer questions about the books.  
 There was a classroom for each book.  The kids went in and had to answer 5 questions about the book.  If they got all 5 right, they got a stamp in their book.  
 I liked this.
 We actually thought school started earlier.  
 It was inanely packed!  We knew so many people.  It was all overwhelming.  
 Aden actually read more of the books than anyone in his group so they all counted on him.
 He took it really hard if he got any wrong but we were just so happy he was trying.
 It was neat to see the classrooms.  

 I don't remember having sofas in any of my classrooms.  
 Aden's teachers.  I don't remember having teachers like this either.
 Someone sent this tweet out.
 Hey Julie!
 We had a fun night!
 We got back and the other three were exhausted.  
 Bed time!