Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Happy Birthday Eva and Gwen!

It's Monday night after midnight, which is only just after 9 our time.  What you may ask am I talking about?  Well we just got back from a week in Los Angeles!  We had a really great time and I took many many pictures, so that's all you may be seeing over the next couple of weeks!  These will finish off our time before the trip.  

A week ago Saturday, Amy, Ariel and I went to pick up Amy's new car.  Ariel had a lot of fun at the dealership.  

 Looking good Amy.
 Ariel and her doll loved the car.  
 We then headed to the Newtown Movie Theater for Eva and Gwen's birthday party.  
 There were a lot of kids and they were crazy!  The did sit for a bit to watch the Grinch.  
 Food time.

 Happy Birthday Girls!
 Rachel the cheerleader came to sit.  That meant lots of cheerleading!

 Hanging out at my parent's house.  

 I think it's time to go to bed!

Friday, December 27, 2019

Straws Everywhere

Here's another huge post for your Friday.  This will finish off last week.  Sorry it’s a lot late. 

Ariel had her first basketball practice on Monday night.  
 She actually did pretty well considering she really doesn't know anything about basketball.  

 The next night we took the little ones to the Langhorne Library for a special event.  

 They had lots of fun things set up.

 On Wednesday morning, Ariel had an early STEM Club meeting.  

 That afternoon it was snowing!
 Aden had his Hanukkah Hop instead of Hebrew School.  He was not going to go but I think he's glad he did.  
 The parents hung out in another room with food and beer!

 It was really snowy and slippery heading home.  

Thursday we had a straw incident.  
 At least they got creative and made letters out of them.  
 Thursday night, we went to a Hanukkah party at the synagogue.  
 Ariel won a prize!
 Friday was the last day of school for the year and that means holiday parties!  
 Amy ran Ariel's.  
 The 6th graders had a big one together.  

 Tug of war?  

 The boys made us snowflakes.  
 And wrote these cards!  They are pretty good!

 Have a great weekend!

Thursday, December 26, 2019

The 1st Annual Geography Bee!

Hope you all had a nice Christmas!  One last thing from the weekend before last, Bev took Ariel to see the Nutcracker by the Pennsylvania Ballet.  
 They got to go backstage and hold the nutcracker!

 Then they had a nice dinner.  
 Last Monday was an exciting day.  Aden was in Holland Elementary's first annual Geography Bee.  
 All the 5th and 6th graders were tested and the 10 with the highest scores competed.  
 Aden studied like crazy.  He loves geography!  We had people bring questions to Thanksgiving to test him.  
 We were not expecting this.  The rowdy students with their signs for their favorite contestants.  
 The kids were really into it.  

Here's Aden's intro!

We weren't allowed to film any of the competition.  Aden got every question right as the others started falling away.  It finally came down to Aden and 1 other boy.  The final questions were hard.  I was actually stumped on many of them.  Neither boy got any of the first 9 right.  The 10th question was about Aruba!  You could see Aden's face light up.  He's been there twice.  The question was what sea is Aruba in.  The other boy said the Med.  Of course Aden said Caribbean and he won!
Aden is crowned, literally!

He loved the way the kids reacted.  
They all bowed to him!

We are so proud!
He's still wearing the medal!
Here are some of the signs the kids made him.  They are really good!