Thursday, May 29, 2008

Is That How You Change a Diaper?

We took our how to take care of the baby class.  All of our classes have been at the Giant Supermarket in Willow Grove.  They have a really nice community center there which is affiliated with Abington Hospital.  Also, the supermarket is huge and has a really nice cafe.  We ate dinner there a few times.

Do you like our baby?  The instructor, a very pretty RN named Jacqui, made it clear that the baby will be a mess for a little while, with the dry and cracked skin, the stork bites, Angel kisses, the white goo, the conehead... This should be fun.  My mom said I didn't have any of those things.  I don't believe her.

I did this with Sloane the other day.  I think I have it under control.  

Amy's school has Pioneer Day coming up.  (I have no idea what that means)  She borrowed this dress from someone to wear.  I can't imagine why anyone had this dress just laying around.  She should have worn this to Melanie's wedding!  We couldn't stop laughing.

A lazy morning.

I was driving behind one of Adam's vans.  I'm going to put up the link to his website.  Nothing like a little free advertising.  Would you like someone else to wash your clothes?

The First Year is Over - Need a New Blog Name!

So a year ago, I took the top of the wedding cake and very carefully wrapped it.  I put it in my in-law's garage freezer for safe keeping so that we could eat it on our first anniversary.  I went to get it the other day and it was gone!  They threw it out!  What's up with that?  I had another piece of the cake in my freezer which I had been picking at on and off.  It was not wrapped well.  In fact, it was just open to the freezer.  But it was all I had.  I carefully cut out the middle part and brought it to La Viola.

Dave and Danielle joined us for dinner.  I had passed by here many times but had never eaten here.  

Look at Amy's smile!

The food was excellent.  

Here is our piece of wedding cake.  It was really good when it was fresh.  How would it taste after a year?  We would soon find out.

We got a back up dessert just in case, but the cake was a big hit!  Dave actually ate most of it.  He said the fondant on the outside tasted like all the stuff in the freezer but the cake itself was not that bad!

I can't wait to try their cake in January!

How cute does she look?

While driving Dave and Danielle back to University City, the sky got black and then it rained.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend, the End

Monday was Amy's Birthday!  We let her sleep in.  Jenny kept Melissa and I busy.  I think she wants a smoke.

Is she really pregnant?  I don't see it.

Nope, nothing there.

Oh, there he is!

Amy's Aunt and family came over for brunch.  Amy got some nice presents.

And a little cake.

It was pretty cool out, probably in the 60's, but it was really warm at home, so we decided to leave, since we weren't going to go on the beach.  By the time we packed and cleaned it was after 3.  The drive to my parents house wasn't too bad.  We took some back ways and avoided the AC expressway.  My mom loves to barbeque and loves it more when she has people to barbeque for.

Amy's family came and we pigged out.

Amy was showing my grandmother pictures of Noah on the computer.


The pool is ready, who wants to swim?

Our First Anniversary!!!

Can you all believe it?  One year ago tonight  we were twirling away to Soul FX, eating delicious food by Betty and smelling the beautiful roses hand picked by John Gallagher.  I thought it would be nice for us to flip through the wedding album while we watch the wedding video, except that we didn't get back either yet!!!  I guess we have our memories.  

Monday, May 26, 2008

A Brief Intermission to Wish Amy a Very Happy Birthday

I just want to take a break from the big Memorial Day post to wish Amy an awesome birthday! She's really a beautiful person and she deserves all the best that the world has to offer.  I know it's cliche but the best present she could get is in her stomach but I think the earrings made her happy too!  Now let's see if we can make it to our anniversary tomorrow!

Memorial Day Weekend the Middle Part

Sunday we got moving pretty early.  It was sunny and warmer than Saturday.  Amy, Melissa, their mom and I drove to Ventnor, about 2 miles away, so we could walk on the boardwalk.  Before we left, we hung outside a little.  Jenny liked the shade.  

She would stay outside forever if she could.

They don't have a street level porch, the balcony is on the 3rd floor, so we sit out on the street ghetto style!

They really should buy the empty lot next door and expand!  The family is growing!

Hey baby, need a ride?

The boardwalk is really packed with people walking, running and biking early, like before 10.  We didn't get there till 11 so it was a little quieter.  No matter when you go, you will see people you know.

They built some really nice playgrounds recently.  I guess it will be a few years until we can make use of them!

There are some amazing houses long the boardwalk.

This guy owns Royal Bank.

We know these people.  They bought and connected 3 houses!  If you have been following along you might remember Mark circled a real estate ad for a $10 million house saying he found the perfect house for us.  Well, this is the house.  Still for sale.  If interested, I can hook you up!

Like I said, you can't go a block without seeing family or friends.

Another cool playground.  Melissa really wanted to try it out!

We went back and got ready for the beach.  It's about 3 blocks away and Amy was ok walking it.  You think the boardwalk is bad, we couldn't sit for a while when we got there as we were surrounded by people we knew.  Most hadn't seen Amy's belly so she walked from group to group showing it off.  Everyone loved it.

Considering it was a little cool, there were a lot of people on the beach.

Amy's mom runs into a guy who was in her 1st grade class!

Look at Amy from behind, then...

then the side!  What a difference a change in perspective makes.  She really is all belly.

There was a swamp on the beach.  There were lot's of kids in it so we stayed away.

After walking for several blocks, visiting tons more people and going to the bathroom at Lucy the Elephant, Melissa was done!

I had my little green machine on the beach.  I was able to pick up lots of wifi signals and surf the 'net!  A few people came over to see what I was doing.  They had all seen the 60 Minutes story on the One Laptop Per Child XO.  You could really see the screen well in the bright sunlight.  I got Phillies updates for everyone.  So cool!  Melissa, wake up!

Melissa and I fell asleep on the beach and everyone left us!  We woke up, there was no one around!  No only that but our faces got really burned!  I was upset about that as I am usually really careful about using lotion and staying in the shade.  We went back and got ready, then the 5 of us drove to the Smithville Inn for Amy's birthday dinner.  It took about 1/2 an hour.  

The whole area is cute.  It's an old village with shops and restaurants and mutant chickens!  The shops were closed by the time we got there, oh well.

Amy had her usual crabcakes.  The few times we had been here for brunch and the two times for engagement parties, for my cousins Larry and Eric, it was packed.  Tonight it was pretty quiet.

I know what she is wishing for!

We had a very nice time even though Melissa kept complaining about us dragging her off the island.  "Why do we have to go so far?"

We were all so tired and sun burned that we just went home and went to sleep.  Look for part 3 soon!