Sunday, February 28, 2010

Elmo, Mickey and Big Bird

It's late Sunday night and we are finally watching Desperate Housewives. What a whirlwind three for me four day for Amy weekend. Why were the Philadelphia schools closed Thursday, let alone a half day for all the suburban schools. The snow didn't really start till Friday morning. When I got home Aden had been inside all day so I took him out for some nice cold air. He still is not very fond of the snow.

Friday we woke up to a "snowicane." Crazy winds and snow but it didn't last long. Aden made us breakfast in bed.

He drove it over to us on his train.

It started to clear up so we decided to go out for lunch. Aden has added to his buddies. At first it was just Elmo. Now it's Mickey Mouse and Elmo and the most recently added Big Bird.

Mickey came to Ben and Irv's with us. It was quiet there. I guess a lot of people stayed in.

We stopped by my grandmother's house so she could spend some time with Aden. Notice his Mickey shirt!

Later that night we were supposed to meet my family out for dinner but Aden woke up from a nap and went immediately into an hour long tantrum. We had no idea what to do so we let him be. He finally calmed down in time to go to bed. First he had to figure out how to sit with Elmo and Mickey in his chair.

He was at it for a while.

Saturday Aden picked up where he left off. We met Monica and Neil for lunch at Piccolos in Newtown. Monica hadn't seen Aden since he was a little baby. Speaking of Aden, he was a handful at the restaurant. He did not want to sit still. They came back home with us for dessert.

That night we got Maura to sit for Aden so Amy and I could have a night on the town. We went to our favorite Greek place on South Street. We haven't been there since we moved. Amy really enjoyed the wine! We then went to a Purim party at Marathon on Walnut. It had been a while since we have been to one of these functions. It was nice to catch up with old friends.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

New Camera!

The snow has started but it's been light so far so I am at work. Amy is home from school because of her sprained ankle. The storm is supposed to pick up this afternoon and we are still supposed to get over a foot here. Most of the schools are open but have early dismissal, that way they don't have to make up the day later. While I understand that, it is slippery out. Would it be still worth it if someone were to get hurt going to school? Council Rock High School is closing at 10:40. Why even get out of bed?

So I got my new camera yesterday. I was busy cooking last night so I was only able to grab a few pictures. What do you think?

It takes Hi Def video. Not sure how I can post those.

Let's make music!

Still walks around the house with this thing.

He's getting better at golf. We could do without all the dents in the furniture though. Hopefully, we will get Aden out in the snow tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Home Run!!!

Dancing to Lady Gaga

Here We Go Again

The snow is returning! They are calling for as much as 18" tomorrow with hurricane force winds! Sounds like fun. Just as we started to get rid of the the 45" from last week!

Monday morning, I took Aden to the doctor to see about his lingering eye infection. Turns out it wasn't the eye that was the problem. He had infections in both ears! We were surprised as he hadn't shown any signs of that. Although, that could explain the fit before the party on Saturday. So it was daddy and Aden day at home.

I can't believe we have to give him the antibiotic twice a day for ten days. It is not fun.

Yesterday, leaving school, Amy fell down some stairs and hurt her ankle. It's swollen and painful but she went to school today because she had an IEP. Anyone have crutches we can borrow?

Hopefully we will get Aden out in the snow tomorrow.

A year after I broke my camera, I am finally getting a new one today. I have actually been borrowing my dad's camera this whole time. I did buy that one a few months ago with the front screen but that was returned quickly. I hope I like this one!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy Anniversary Judy and Dave!!!

Saturday night we had a surprise 50th anniversary party for Judy and Dave at Maggianos King of Prussia.

Thankfully, Aden was in a great mood. (although he did have a screaming fit before we left, which was explained later...I will get to that)

Let's get this party started!

Surprise!!! The party was originally planned for 2 Saturdays ago, during the snowstorm so it had to be moved. Everyone was able to keep the secret.

Marc was the mastermind behind the party.

Aden kept everyone entertained.

Amy's family.


One face!

Being silly.

The slide show Marc put together was amazing. Judy and Dave have had quite a few adventures in life.

Hi Beverly!

Thanks for a great time Marc!

Sunday Aden would only eat lunch at his table and he had to feed himself. Our little boy is growing up! Say goodbye to the last remaining original carpet in the house. The hardwood is going in next week!

Maura came to sit and Amy and I finally, after nine weeks for trying, saw Avatar! We really enjoyed it.

Back for dinner with Melissa and Mark and Bev.

The boys.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Haircut #5!

What a busy weekend! I'm going to have to break it up into two posts. It's Monday morning and I'm sitting at home waiting to take Aden to see his doctor. He seems to have an eye infection. Poor thing. Anyway, Friday night we went to hang out with Adam, Kasia, Liana and Jasmine.

Aden and Jasime did some cooking for us.

She's about 4 months younger than Aden.

It also happened to be Liana's 4th birthday.

Aden still loves little girls and followed Liana around everywhere, even into the trampoline!

They were bouncing around together. I will post the videos later.

This is a great thing to tire the kids out. How cute is this?

Saturday morning we had a make up music class.

It was packed.

Aden had a lot of fun.

Ms. Marilyn's stalker is back!

Then we headed for haircut #5!

This was the first time we let Aden sit by himself in the chair.

A floating head!

Uncle Curtis and the rest of Salon la Vogue were entertained by Aden.

Daddy got a cut too!

We have to go home and get ready for a big surprise party...