Thursday, July 29, 2021

Visiting Day at SSDC

Some crazy thunderstorms tonight.   There was a confirmed tornado halfway between my home and my office in Bensalem!  Very close.  Caused some big damage.  Last Thursday was visiting day for us at Southampton.  
Aden is in CIT mode here sitting at the table and not helping with the little boys.
We walked down to the lake to find the twins.  
Hey Eli!

They were fishing!

Where do you want to go Eli?
Nate caught a fish!
Noah wasn't feeling well so Amy brought him home.  I stayed.  
When you catch a fish, you get a Swedish fish.
Swim time.  
Eli is doing better.  He's putting his head under.  
Nate, Luke and Eli.  

Felice.  Her son on the twins junior counselor.
The boys ran by after lunch.  
Ice cream time!


This was last Friday night.  Just chilling.  We did not go to the shore.  

The Tokyo summer olympics started.  
Here are Ariel's pics for the day.  


Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Return of the Crazy Sun

It's Wednesday night.  I was driving to my first Phillies game in a couple of years when I got word the game was cancelled because several of the National got Covid!  At least I hadn't gotten on 95 yet.  

Last Tuesday we got a big dump of pictures.  
Ariel's crew.  

We know some of the girls at least.  
Cool slide!

So Eli has a very strange way of eating pizza.  He eats up till the crust then piles the crust up.  
I took the boys to Noah's Playground.  
Look at the crazy sun!  Remember when this happened back in the Fall?  The smoke from the California wildfires made it here and partially obscured the sun.  You could look right at the sun and it looked fake!  So weird.  
King of the Hill!
Eva and Gwen came to join us.  

Uh oh, here comes Honey Eli.  
And he's out of there.  
They found a secret trail.  

We spent the whole time throwing the ball to Honey.  
I took the boys to the market.  
That's always dangerous.  
This was last Wednesday.  The kids cuddled.  
I went out with the Breezy Point dads to Iron Hill.  It had been a long time.  We had fun catching up.  
Onc pic from Wednesday.