Thursday, March 30, 2023

Buying Books

Last Thursday, Ariel had her private with Serina.  

Ariel told Serina she wants abs.
I picked up Aden from tennis.  I got to see him play a little.  

That night mother son night roller skating.  Amy took the boys and they all had a good time.  
I took Aden and Ariel to Red Robin.  They both loved the burgers.  
We then went to Target.  Someone was a little excited.  

Friday night, Amy and the older two went out to dinner with Amy's parents.  
I took the twins and Margot out to dinner then Barnes & Noble.  
The boys grabbed so many books!  I guess it's good they like books.  

Bedtime!  Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Mickey Popcorn

Here's a quick post for Thursday.  Last Wednesday, the boys were back to family room soccer.  
What did we get for Eli?
Two of Eli's favorite things.  Mickey and popcorn!  

The boys really love anything to do with space too.



Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Making Quesadillas

It's Tuesday night.  I watched Aden play a tennis match today.  That was fun.  Back to last Monday.  I was promised I would not have to cook dinner but somehow, I cooked dinner.  

Ariel had cheer.  

Amy came with me to pick her up and watch.  
Ariel was not happy she came.  

Last Tuesday, I drove to the shore.  I saw Sully in a window.  
Atlantic City.
It was a beautiful day.  
I checked on the house.  
Pretty tree in the yard.
I got home and played with the kids.  

Aden had to make quesadillas for Spanish class.  We made the tortillas by hand!

They came out great!


Monday, March 27, 2023

Toms River Cheer Competition

It's Monday night.  Last Sunday, Ariel had her second competition of the season.  We had to be in Toms River, New Jersey, about an hour and 15 minutes away by 8:30 in the morning so it was early.  She was happy and singing in the car most of the way but then got very quiet and nervous.  There is Coach Steve!
Who found this place?  
Ariel got her hair done.  
Looking cute girls!

Our princess.  

The parents nervously waited.  
The girls were nervous too.  
Look at Ariel holding her arms.  
Pre performance shot.  
Here they go!  My hands were shaking!

Here are some stills I took.  I will post the professional ones later.  

And they finished.  Ariel thought she messed up and was crying.  
She needed hugs from the coaches but didn't want to talk to anyone else.  
I took her out to get donuts.  
This place is highly rated.  We brought back donuts for all the girls. 

Ariel finally cheered up.  
We hit Zero!  No mistakes.  
Let's head to judging.  

We came in third.  

Back home, the twins had a playdate with Meyer.  
He was as crazy as the twins.  
Eli and I worked on the Disney castle.  

Back to craziness.  

I made pork belly burnt ends on the smoker.  Yum.