Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Great to See Everyone

Last Friday we had baby Nathan's bris.  Cantor K always does a great job.  I told him to start warming up for us!  Yes, newborns are really that small.  Hard to remember.  There is a pert of the ceremony where he asks permission from the father to do the cutting if he doesn't want to do it himself.  Of Cantor K is given permission every time and there are chuckles from the crowd.  Maybe since we are having two he can do 1 and I can do the other?!?
The calm before the storm.  We played around Saturday morning before everyone came over.
My cousins came to spend the day.  We try and do this every year at this time.  
 It was so warm out the kids wanted to play outside, which was fine with us.
 Look who it is, Jackie, Nicky's mom.  She grew up with my cousins.
 When is the baby coming already?  

 The kids ran off, Eric had to chase them.
 Belly's everywhere.
 Nicky entertained us.
 Ariel and Lucas.
 Aden and Noah went right for the video games.
 Everyone was all over the place but thankfully no messes.
 Hey Jake!
Lunch time.

 Forget the trampoline, let's jump on Ariel's bed.
 Stay tuned for part 2!

Where O Where Is My Phone?

It's midnight.  Just got back from seeing Mary Poppins with Amy, Aden, Judy, Elaine and Brianna.  It was fun but it's way too late and we have to get Aden to bed so here we go...

Cousins are in from LA.  We met them at me grandmothers.  Jake is getting so big!
 Aden and Noah were so excited to see each other.  They just ran off.

 Ariel and Olivia played.  Ariel seemed to be in charge.

Here come's Jake.
 I'm surprised they have coats like this in LA!
 Noah came back to our house to play.  
 Eva joined in.
 Trying out the new tent.
 Thanks grandma!

 a boo!
 Too funny.
 It's Christmas morning, let's see what Santa brought.  That's actually a funny story.   Out of nowhere Ariel told us she was scared of Santa and didn't want him to come.  The reindeer could bring the presents themselves!
 I guess the reindeer heard.  Each got one present just so they don't think they were on some naughty list.
Well here is kind of a Christmas miracle.  When we were in Disney last February, we couldn't find one of our iPhones the day we left.  I put it into lost mode and basically forgot about it.  As you can see, it somehow woke up 10 months later and contacted me!  It was in a town just north of Orlando.  I called the police but they didn't seem to care.  I was just amazed after all this time, I heard from it.  Since it's in lost mode, whoever has it won't be able to use it or access any information on it.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Aden's Holiday Party

It's Sunday night and what a weekend it was.  Sadly we aren't in Florida but that did let us catch up with a lot of people.  My cousins are in from all over and Amy's are in from Atlanta.  We also had a bris thrown in there.  I do have a ton of pics but I'm exhausted so keeping this one short.

Let's go back to Tuesday.  It was Aden's last day of school before the break and time for his holiday party!  Luckily this one came a little easier than the Halloween party because a bunch of parents really came through with food and activities.  
Last week we went in and made the picture frames.  Today we took the pictures to fill them.  We had a bunch of silly props for the kids. For some reason the mustaches were the biggest hits.

Here's Joseph.
 Kelly kept the kids busy with games while I took the pictures.

 The kids starting taking the props away with them.
 It went really quickly.

 Everyone except Benjamin who was away.

 Aden left with me early and we went to get Ariel.  His old teachers were still there so ran around talking to them.
 The last of the Elves for 2014.  All their friends came to see them drive off.
 I guess I , I mean the elves, have a year to plan for next Hanukkah.