Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Party in the Crib

It's Tuesday night and our house has a couple of exciting days coming up.  We got a new slide for the swing set which we are going to put on and we are redoing our bathroom on the first floor. The garage is full of giant boxes.  

They looked alike when they were born.  Then we began to notice some big differences.  Now I think they look the same again. 
My grandmother got her weekly fill of the boys.
 Hey there Eli.              

 Barbecue from the Newtown Farmer's Market.

 I dad followed Aden into the basement to play.  That was nice.

 Aden did a good job reading.
 Almost 95!  Barely born!
 She was trying to teach them a card game.

 Cuddling in the crib.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Wake Up Already!

Nothing interesting to report.  The nurse is here so I am headed to bed.  Here are some random pics from last week.
 It will be more fun to take pics of the twins when they do something besides sleep!
 Loving those pops.
They will sleep anywhere.
Picking up Aden at school.  Ariel tackles him.
Dinner with Gina, Mike and Joe.  Gina is getting close.  We are so excited!  I offered her to take one of the twins home to practice.
Ariel made friends with this other group.  

Our little helper.
Amy took this picture to celebrate the twins being 6 weeks.
 We met Larry and Daniella for lunch at Grand Lux.
 It was the first time he met the boys.  He has number 3 coming!

 The boys enjoyed their lunch.

Sunday, March 29, 2015


It's Sunday night and the babies are asleep in their cribs for the first time!  We will see how long that lasts.  They look so small in there. We were pretty ambitious today.  All six of us hit the King of Prussia Mall.  Yesterday was pretty quiet though.  Ariel started her new soccer and that was about it.  No nurse tonight but hopefully it will be like the last few nights with the boys sleeping 3-4 hours at a time and eating quickly!

Back to last Sunday.  Melissa and Mark made us a nice dinner.  
Eva took care of herself.
 Uh oh.  Someone isn't happy.
 Eva can't quite figure out the twins yet.  That's ok, neither can we!
 Good big cousin.

We love watching all the kids play.  Soon Noah and Eli will join them!
 I picked up Ariel and school and she was playing hopscotch!

 Her teachers did her hair.
 This pretty much is our life!
 Daddy made a mistake buying popsicles.
 Amy sent me these during one of the days.  Grandmom brought over Eva for lunch.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Why Can't I Sleep?

It's 1 in the morning on Friday.  Not really sure why I am up.  Both boys have been asleep most of the night.  Not eating but sleeping.  

Hanging on Aden's bed.
Best buddies.
Visiting Ashley.
 She couldn't wait to hold a baby.

 Neither could her mom!

It's nice we have Ashley and Brandon for the kids to play with.
 What would the boys do without video games?

 Some cute sleeping shots.

Swim again.  

 She almost wouldn't go in because they didn't have the floats she likes but she got used to a different one.

 Big jump!

They always insist on taking the elevator.