Monday, March 31, 2008

Back in the Factory

We were really busy today, so I helped out making Spa Starter Kits.

Could we possibly fit one more thing in this box?

That's My Girl (Melissa, not the flower girl)

Melissa passed her big test! She can now graduate!

Don't think I'm mean, but I had to try and grab a picture of this woman while I was driving. She is always at the end of Woodhaven Road near Byberry selling flowers. I never see anyone stopping.

The weekend was not exciting. Amy and her mom went to New York on Saturday for a teacher program. I met them back in Bucks and we just stayed in. Sunday, Amy and I went to look at a couple of more houses. These were big time examples of the houses looking much better in pictures then in person. She's now having doubts about the house in Richboro we have been considering, so that's probably not going to happen.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Ashley's Everywhere

Friday after work, I met Amy at her school. She was helping out for bingo night and had time for dinner first.

Some kids in her school wrote limericks. It's a good thing I was drinking later...

There once was a leprechaun named John
He was a total moron
He took off his shoe
Then he heard a moo
And that is the story of John

There once was a leprechaun named Caveman
Who really wanted a suntan
He owned a spacesuit
So he did a salute
He really liked that suntan.

Back to the City, I went out with Melissa for Paige's Birthday at Bamboo Lounge.  It was great to get out and have a few drinks.  Mel has some great friends.  We even danced a little!

Here is one Ashley.

Now there are two Ashleys.  The girl in the red is getting married in two weeks.  

Friday, March 28, 2008

Oops, technical difficulties, you weren't supposed to see Amy.

Karl's Baby Furniture

Amy finally got to go to Karl's on Chestnut. This place is legendary. Amy's baby furniture came from there! There were so many cribs packed into this little place. I should have taken a picture. Oh well. It's overwhelming the choices. First we have to figure out where we are going to be living and the space we will have for furniture. Are we going to get a crib that converts to a bed or not? Then the endless choices for bedding. We got out of there as quickly as we could.

We met my friend Ji at El Vez. We were in a giant corner booth with a table set really high. We all felt like little kids. Ji works for the City so she caught me up on all the gossip. Here are my fancy steak tacos.

I cut Amy out of the picture because she really would have hated it. See, I do edit what I post.

Walking home we saw this guarding an apartment building.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


The following story took place all night, but I'm condensing it down for your sake...

So Amy and Melissa asked me to cook dinner.  I decided on a chicken stew.  While I was shopping after work , I had a bad feeling it was going to be one of those nights and maybe I should make something a little easier.  I was right.  I have been wanting to upgrade Melissa's Macbook to Leopard, the newer operating system because it has some features I think she would like.  She came over and was going to take a short break from all her school work and watch tv a bit so I figured that would be a good time to try the update.  I pop in the disc and start it going.  After about an hour, it froze saying "11 minutes left."  It did not move from there for a long time.  I started to panic.  It's at this point she tells me she had been having trouble with her drive and that her whole world is on this laptop and it's not backed up.  So, the stew was bubbling away and I totally freaked figuring it was all over and she was going to kill me.  I called Apple.  They were very nice but told me I might be out of luck.  They said I should try restarting.  When I did, the disc popped out.  They said that was another bad sign.  Now I'm really worried.  The girls are downstairs eating and don't really know what's happening.  Of course, I lost my appetite.  Out of nowhere, the computer restarted and it seemed to be ok and running the old operating system.  I quickly grabbed an external hard drive and backed up all her stuff.  I was able to finally breathe, at least I saved her stuff.  I wasn't able to eat.  The girls had given up on the stew and went to get pizza.  She was playing with it later and said she didn't recognize some of the icons.  I took a closer look, it was Leopard.  It did install?!?  I have no idea how it worked but it did.  I'm staying away from computers from now on!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


The poor thing has a cold but I still made her pose for a quick picture before she left for school this morning.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Some More

Sarah DiCicco Photography

So I'm going to do a little commercial break here. I have to tell you how wonderful our wedding photographer is. Besides being sweet and warm (and pretty!), she has taken an interest in our lives and she also takes great pictures. For those of you who haven't looked, the wedding pictures are posted at Just do a search for my name or Amy's name. There are two files that come up, it's the one titled "Jerry and Amy" (I think). Here is an example of some of the pictures she took of us after we got engaged. I put a link to her site on this page. Please call her if you need any professional pictures!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Hope's Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich

Sunday was a blur. We didn't get out of bed most of the morning. When we got home Saturday night, I decided Amy needed to be on Facebook. I was up from like 1-2 creating her page and sending out friend requests. By the time we woke up, she already had about 20 friends. So Sunday morning was spent searching for people from her past. She has like 50 friends in less than 24 hours. Pretty good. If you have a page and haven't been contacted, please friend Amy and me! We finally got moving and took the dogs for a long walk but first Chloe found a stuffed dog as big as herself and was running around with it.

The usual walk through Jaime's neighborhood, next to Amy's parents and across the street from the house we may or may not buy.

Monday was a busy day. We got up and packed from the past week, it was a ton. She was off so I took off to go with her to the obstetrician. Every time we go we see a different doctor.  This time was saw Dr. Lexow who everyone seems to love.  She was very nice and did spend a lot of time with us.  Everything was good.

Then off to the King of Prussia mall.  We went to the Apple Store to get my iPod fixed.  Can you believe how crowded it was at 1:00 on a Monday?

Then off to Wayne to meet with our photographer.  We have had the proofs since October and felt it was time to put together the album.  I will have more info in the next post about the photographer, the lovely Sarah.

Picking the pictures was fun and tiring.  We had 1200 to choose from.  We ended up with about 150.  We will have to narrow that down.

Not the best picture of Amy but you can get an idea of the studio.  She takes amazing pictures.  Very artistic.

We walked around Wayne.  Cute town.

We checked out some strollers and furniture.  We really have to start getting ourselves together for this baby.

On the way home, we needed a cookie ice cream sandwich at Hopes!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Zebra Striped Whale

Saturday, I went back to the City to check on things, had not been there most of the week. The mailbox was stuffed. I went back to the Burbs and Amy and I went to Piccolos in Newtown with Dave and Danielle and Rob and Emily. They just doubled the size of the place. It was nice but Danielle thought it was too bright. We ate and talked for hours. It was the first time we had all been together in a while.   Rob and Emily both had cool jackets.

The Zebra Striped Whale ice cream parlor in Newtown.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Freight House

I had a half day Friday and Amy was off.  It was her aunt Judy's birthday so we met her and Melissa at Famous Deli.  Amy and I then went to the Willow Grove Mall where we actually bought some things for once. I got some short sleeve shirts so let's hope it gets warm soon!

We finally got to go out with Mark's cousins Mike and Emily.  The six of us met at the Freight House in Doylestown.  Poor Melissa and Mark, it was all baby talk, all the time.  Mike and Emily have cute twin three year old boys and of course Amy has tons of questions.  They say we have no idea what it's going to be like.  Enough people have said that that we are starting to believe it. Melissa had a hot apple pie martini, it was hot and really tasted like apple pie. I liked it. The food was good and we talked till late.

Her belly is not as big as it looks in this picture.

M and M

Amy finally picked up her wedding dress from the cleaners. It cost $165! This is how they boxed it.

Friday, March 21, 2008

The Girls Playing

Hit the triangle.

Old Friends

Yesterday, I spent the day at a seminar put on by one of our distributors. They invited all the pool stores they sell to to hear about what's new in the pool industry. Their warehouse was just a few miles from Amy's parents. That was nice. Anyway, the owner has been a long time customer and I can remember him coming on a company trip we had to Mexico almost 20 years ago with his family. That's when I met his then teenage daughter and we were friends for a time. Anyway, she was there with her 3 year old daughter. She came right up to me and said you are Jerry, right? She totally remembered my capturing lizards that were in her hotel room all those years ago. I'm glad to see she is doing well.

Just a shot of the some of the booths set up in the warehouse.

Thursday night, Amy and I went to hang out with Adam, Andy, Mark and Todd for a bit. We left at 8:45 so we could get back in time for Lost. My sister was at my parent's house so I decided to go watch it her. We get there at 8:58, put the tv on Channel 6, then the power goes out! It was super windy and my parents do lose their power easily so I should have expected it. By the tie we got back to Amy's, it was already like 9:10, so I couldn't start watching lost at that point. I was annoyed. So, I am going to watch it today on ABC's website. Not the same experience but it's driving me crazy.