Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Start of a Very Busy Week

It's Sunday night and time to get back into the swing of things.  Hard to believe last Sunday we were still in warm, sunny Florida.  Why did we come back?  The pictures over the next few days will be a random mix of family and friends.  We have been very busy entertaining and visiting.  Even with all of this going on, Aden still misses school and cries about it almost daily.

Back to Christmas morning.  Santa left one gift for Aden by the fireplace.  He told us that he doesn't celebrate Christmas but we we said that Santa just wanted to let him know he was a good boy.  They talk about Santa at school so we were worried what he might think if he didn't get anything.
 We didn't leave the house all day.  Nowhere to go.  For dinner, we went to a very crowded Ben & Irvs.
 Our baby needed her pickle!
 The next day, we met my all my first cousins and their kids at my grandmother's house.  Of course Aden had to bring swords and guns.

 Some wrestling.

 All the girls played together nicely.

 The boys did their thing.
 My grandmother loved it all.
 Any rings she finds go right on the arm.  I guess you are never too young for jewelry. 
 Sort of helping to clean up.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Day 8 - The Voyage Home

I usually don't do weekend posts but I just want to finish up the trip already.  Not that I've taken any pictures since we've been back but it's time.  It's Saturday morning and the snow is just beginning.  It's going to be a mess today and we are expecting company!

Last Sunday, we awoke in back in Ft Lauderdale.  We had to be out of our rooms by 8 and off the boat by 8:40.
 We were at the port collecting our bags when we discovered we left 2 on board.  That was a bit crazy.  It took some effort to get them back.  
 Then getting to the airport and picking up the rental car was another adventure but we finally made it to my parent's condo.  
 Maura's grandmother came over and we all took a walk by the beach.

 The Deerfield Beach Pier is finally done being renovated.

 Maura and her grandmother!
 We had a great time walking and talking.

 I found a turtle for Maura.

 Back to play a little before dinner.
 We went to Coral Springs to meet the Maryanoffs for dinner.
 Aden was excited to see Ashley and Maya.
 Mike and Erika
 Sandy and Steve and Ashley.
 The kids went to get Jamba Juice.
 We were so sad we weren't staying longer.
 We eventually made it to the plane.
 Ariel had the right idea.
 We are home!  We are thrilled at the way everything worked out.  Aden cried for an hour when dropped off Maura, he had become so attached.  He keeps asking us when we are going out for an adult dinner so Maura can come sit!  

Friday, December 28, 2012

Day 7 - Back at Sea

Saturday morning was the first time it got a bit rocky.  It was also windy so we knew we weren't going swimming and it was going to be a long day.
 They were getting ready for the Christmas cruise the following week.
 There was a cooking show with the head chef.  
 Then a tour of the galleys.  Really neat.

 The head chef has the big hat.  I didn't have the heart to tell him the food sucked.
 It was cold and windy on the deck.

 Ice carving!

 Ariel and Ethan in the kid's club.  It got so rocky at one point, the kids started getting sick and they closed down.
 Joe and Danielle picking up Ethan.
 Our last dinner!

 Maura and I closed down the dance club!