Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Turkey Day!

Thursday afternoon was spent making my famous green beans, at least with Amy, then we headed over to aunt Judy's house, about a mile away from home. How is that for convenience?

The food was amazing. Judy really went all out.

I usually don't even eat the turkey, but I had two servings!

Aden had fun with everyone.

Doesn't have my nose yet. Maybe he will be lucky.

A little rough housing with uncle Mark.

This is what was going on in the basement!

Aden will be the king of Beer Pong!

Cousin Morgan.

See ya Murray!

Friday morning we were lounging around when Melissa calls and suggests we go to the King of Prussia Mall. I have been there before on black Friday and had fun so we said why not. The hardest part was the traffic around the mall, but parking was easy and it didn't seam crazy crowded. Aden couldn't wait to run round.

First stop, Nordstroms to get Aden some new sneakers.

Aden loves his new New Balance shoes. Thanks aunt Melissa and uncle Mark!

Amy and Melissa got some great stuff. I didn't get anything. :-(

We actually never made it out of Nordstroms except for a quick trip to see Santa.

Santa wasn't there yet.

Aden finally got tired so back home to sleep. We watched Toy Story again during the car ride.

Monday, November 29, 2010


It's Monday! We had a nice long break. The first few days were super busy but Saturday and Sunday, we mostly laid around. Wednesday we got to hang out with my cousins and their kids. It's sad we only get to see them once or twice a year. The kids played so nicely together. Here is Noah, who took Aden's name. Aden would have been Noah had Noah not been born first!



I love when Aden sits on my old chair.

My grandmother was in heaven.

It was too short a visit.

This took a couple of tries. Four great-grandkids!

Thursday morning we had a nice visit from Kevin, Andrea and Jordyn. There were in from Atlanta.

Jordyn is going to have a brother very soon!

The kids had fun playing. We wish they lived closer. Twice a year is not enough!

What was this? It's hard to tell in pictures but we had an all out blizzard!

Is it Spring yet?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Short Week

Is everyone ready for Thanksgiving? We are going to Aunt Judy's house. I am going to cook my famous, at least with Amy, green beans. It's nice that we don't have to travel anywhere. Everyone is within a few miles of us, except Elaine and company who are in Atlanta. We will see them at the end of December for our annual trip to the Please Touch Museum. Yesterday Amy was at the gym, so it was the guys hanging out.

Chocolate Chex in a cup!

Don't worry, we ran around plenty before he settled down to watch a video.

He just jumped in.

Very helpful putting the sock away. Yes, it was cold in the house, but Aden insisted on wearing the bugs.

This morning, he was slow getting up.

He lounged in our bed while we got ready.

Get ready for a long weekend with mommy and daddy!