Thursday, August 29, 2013

Two at Breezy Point

It's Thursday night!  That went fast.  Here are the pics from the week:

Monday morning while Amy was at her first day of school in almost 2 years, Aden was off to soccer camp at the NAC.  
 Here we go!
 It was only 2 1/2 hours a day but we wanted him to do something before school began.
 He really enjoyed it!  Amy had a good day too!
 Amy's mom sat for Ariel a lot this week.  Here are some pics she sent us.

 I really don't like cantaloupe.  I guess I'm alone on that.

 Playing some Skylanders.  It's been a while.

 Time for a barbecue!

 Playing with uncle Mark.

 Spiderman Balloon has been with us for a week already!
 Making new friends.
 Aden spent a lot of time at Jason's house this week also.

 Ariel's Breezy Point orientation!  Seemed only yesterday we were here for Aden!  Ariel played outside while I talked to the teachers.
 We think she is going to love school.
 I remember Aden playing here!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Ariel's First Time in the Sand

Groovy Aden

So, Ariel took her first good nap today in almost a week and it was over 3 hours!  She also went to sleep tonight without a fuss for the third night.  Crossing our fingers that whatever has been going on with her sleep is over.  Time to finally finish the weekend.  Early Sunday, Ariel wanted to find grandma and pop (she says pop all the time now)
Let them sleep Ariel.
 Playing with Burghy.

 She went into the drawer.  Took out Amy's makeup and started putting it on.  The mascara was everywhere!
 Of course I just watched her do it.  It was too funny.
 After a night of setting in, Aden's tattoo was ready to be revealed! 
 It was a perfect beach day.
 Aden wanted us to chase him.
 Ariel still unsure about the sand.
 A few tentative steps.
 My baby is on the sand!
 Chasing Aden can be fun!

 A quick break at Jackie and Greg's house.  Can't beat that view.

 This is someone who would not touch the sand up till that day.  For some reason, all that changed.  
 My baby girl loves the sand now!

 We had another breakthrough.  While I was busy watching Ariel in the sand, Amy was with Aden in the ocean.  This was the first year he would even put his feet in.  Today, he went under and loved it!

 I will miss those banana fudges over the winter.

 Ariel had to walk all the way home!  After a couple of blocks, I threw her on my shoulders.
 My grandmother found my shorts from when I was Aden's age!  He couldn't wait to wear them.  My boy in 70's vintage!
 We went to Downbeach Deli and Ariel fell asleep.  
 Poor thing.  All the people around us thought it was funny.
 This lasted quite a while.
 Up in time to eat some pickles!