Sunday, April 30, 2017

Dance Pictures

It's Sunday night.  Weird weekend.  Saturday was nuts, like any typical weekend day but today, I barely got out of bed.  No energy and not much motivation to do anything.  

Back to last weekend.  Ariel had her dance pictures.  She looks so cute!
Uh, who do you think was in our bathroom?
Amy took her to the pictures and took a few herself.

 I took Aden to Hebrew School where they had a day of service.
 Then is was the first of 3, count them, 3 birthday parties.  First Amy and I and all the kids went to Brunswick Zone for Ben our neighbor's party.
 The kids all get serious about bowling.

 The twins caused a bit of trouble.

 They will sit for cake!
 Ariel looks fearsome with her laser tag gun!

 Then I took Aden to party number 2 at Skyzone.  
 It was all dodgeball all the time!

 Then party number 3 was at Ultrazone laser tag.  

 These are Aden's camp friends.
 Do you remember Aden's buddy Jake?  They will finally be together in 7th grade!
 Picking dandelions.
 Someone wants her deck already!

 It's late.  I'm going to bed!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Amanda's Bat Mitzvah

It's Thursday night.  Did a little too much work on my hamstrings today.  I don't think I can get up the stairs.  I might be sleeping on the sofa!  Back to last weekend.  
They got pretty far with the deck after a few days.  

 My baby and her Barbies.
 Saturday morning we had a sitter come and Amy and I went to our friend Jaime and Abby's daughter Amanda's Bat Mitzvah.  
 The service was great.  Amanda did an amazing job.  The rabbi joked that they forgot to tell her to make at least 2 mistakes to make the rabbi and cantor look good.  
 It was nice catching up with friends at the luncheon.  
 We got back and the kids were all lounging around.
 Noah liked my shoes.
 We lounged around all afternoon while mommy had her hair done.
 Then we drove to the Merion in Cinnaminson New Jersey for the party.  
 Fancy cocktail hour.  We tried not to overeat.

 Then it was into the party.  Loved the decorations.

 Amy and some of the other girls.
 This came out cute.

 It was crazy intense dance music all night.
Pink socks for everyone!
 The boys and I.
There were a few kids invited.
 The happy family.

What a fun night!  Have a great weekend!