Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Playstation VR

It's Tuesday night.  Mark's 40th birthday!  Woo hoo!  Last Monday, the kids had off.  I went to work.  Amy and Melissa kept them all busy.  
That night, I seasoned my new food press.  I heated on the grill for 3 hours till it turned black.  I have so many recipes I want to try.  

I took Ariel to cheer practice.  

This was their last practice before their first competition.  
Tuesday, after school, we had some homework to do.  

After Hebrew School, I took Ariel and Harper to Ulta.  
They can do damage there!
It was also Fat Tuesday!  This was a live shot of Bourbon Street.  I would love to be there once.  
Last Wednesday, it was frosty!
The boys got to drawing disasters.  
Nuclear blast!  

Eli at school.  
After school, Ariel went dress shopping for the Father Daughter dance.  So cute!
We got a new toy for the house.  I always wanted to really try Virtual Reality but I was worried about getting motion sickness.  The reviews of the Playstation were amazing so I had to give it a try.  
I have to say, it does make me a little sick, but it is so unbelievable.  
You really feel like you are in the game.  
This will definitely be fun for a long time.  


Monday, February 27, 2023

The Twin's 8th Birthday Party

It's a snowy Monday night.  I had to drive Ariel back from cheer and it was treacherous.  We've been so spoiled all Winter with the warmth so it's kind of shocking to have snow.  It's not supposed to stay around though.  Back to last Sunday...

We had the twin's 8th birthday party at the Newtown Athletic Club.  You may remember we had several of Aden and Ariel's parties there when they were little but we had a problem once and swore we would never do it again.  But never came sooner than expected.  Because the boys are in 2 classes, we had too many kids for most party places.  I was able to grab a family picture!
Hey Claire!  They guests started to arrive.  

The thrilled grandparents.  
It was hard to wrangle the kids.  

First we went downstairs to shoot some Nerf guns.  

The red team is ready!

Get them Blue Team!
We regrouped and changed up the game.  

Good idea to get high Noah!

Then we went to bounce!
Of course the boys want these in the basement now!

Mark and Aden worked out.  

The kids had fun.  

Then it was time to eat.  

Happy Birthday Boys!

Finally home to open the way too many presents.  
Eli loved the Minecoins the best!