Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Too Many Teenagers

It's Wednesday night and I have to remember to take out the trash. Missing a Monday really throws you off.  Oh, you know what, I bet trash collection is off by a day too.  Tomorrow Aden has his last baseball game of the season and Ariel has her dance recital dress rehearsal.  We really are moving into summer.  Now we just need it to get hot.  With all the great ice cream places around, we ended up at the new Dairy Queen tonight.  It was too confusing. They have a huge menu of options.  Even trying to pick a Blizzard was hard. The twins took over our ice cream and had a lot of fun!  I have some pictures of that.  Anyway, back to last week.  

Watermelon anyone?
 Aden, Eli and I needed haircuts.  Aden wins for the most hair.

 He looked like Elvis here.

 Much better.
 Eli was on my lap for his cut so I don't have any pictures.  Aden got a shampoo for the first time and loved it!
 Uh oh, look what's going on behind Eli.
 At least they tried to help clean.

 We loaded the car and headed to the shore.  The traffic was bad so we took a back way.  Amy hates when I do that but we kept moving.
 We met my parents off shore at JoJos.  Eli liked the singing doll.  The boys would not sit so we had to bring our dinners home.
 Right Eli?
 Bath time!  We have a shower curtain but no rod!
 They like to play in our bathroom.

 I walked to WaWa to get milk.  Ariel hung out with Alex and Amber.
 I don't know if you saw the news but there was a big fight around here between all the teenagers.  Like 300 were involved!  
 There were teenagers everywhere.
 Getting ready for bed.

 Good night!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Drive the Paint

It's a rainy, cold Tuesday night.  Aden had another baseball game. Every game this season has been damp and cold.  So depressing. At least they got their first win!  Aden was so excited.  The babies are yelling no and stop to Amy and laughing behind me.  I think it's time for them to go to bed!

Back to last week.  It was briefly warm and we got to play out back.
 Nothing much to add.  
 Although we are contemplating having the set restained.

 It's kind of a mess.

 Let's run to the neighbor's house.
 A new swing set to explore.
 My cool kids.
 Bath time.
 They try and pop the bubbles.
 Watching the painter.  So much fun.
 Class time.  Who wants to challenge me to some hoops?

 Uh oh, fighting over the hula hoop.
 Believe it or not, they are almost the same age!
 Nate pushing Noah.

 Aunt Ali on the seesaw with Noah.

 Reading time.
 This was cool.  They put the cars in the paint and drove them across the paper.

 It's great they can do this stuff not at our house!

Monday, May 29, 2017

Aden is Free From Hebrew School!

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend.  The weather wasn't so great but we had fun at the shore celebrating Amy's birthday and our anniversary.  It's was a pretty successful first summer weekend at the new house.  There will be lots of pictures to share soon.  Let's go back to last weekend.

Sunday was the last day of Hebrew school.  All the parents came for a short service at the end.  
 Then everyone headed over to a playground.

 Snack time!
 Ariel and Sammy making music.
 Oh no!  What's wrong Nate?

 Nice day!

 Nothing like cookies and milk.
 Where are you going Noah?
 Music class!
 What are Eli and Nate discussing?

 She loves her kids.

 Ariel is almost done gymnastics till the Fall.  I only got one picture because I went downstairs to exercise!
 Someone said to me "and so it begins."  Although it began a year ago!
 They are both good at puzzles!

 That's enough for today!