Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy New Year!!!  Probably won't have a chance to post until later.  We are going to bring Aden to children's services soon, then to my parent's house for dinner.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Aden Meets Cousin Brooke

Sunday morning, we all slept in again.  Then we gave Aden some belly time.  He is really lifting his head now!

Who is that?

Is that your friend?

It was a rainy day so we didn't do very much.

Later we had cousin Brooke's Christening.  Brooke was born in April.  It's the first time Amy and I got to spend time with her.  She was so cute!  Very alert.  Her mom is Amy's cousin Jamie.

Hey Brooke!

Brooke wanted to play with Aden.

Brooke's aunt Jill and her brothers.

The cake was good.

Not the greatest picture.

Grandpa Jeff is getting the hang of it!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

We Are Penn State!

It's amazing how you can do so much during the day yet actually get so little accomplished.  We actually all slept in this morning.  Aden slept from 10-6, ate, then back to sleep until 9:30.  So, except being up briefly at 6, we had a really good night's sleep.  We took Aden to my parents and then went car shopping.  We spent hours agonizing over a couple of cars, drove the poor sales girl crazy, then left without anything.  I give up.  We went back and my family had had a fun full day with Aden. He laughed, he cried, he slept, he ate, he played.  They really got a good feeling for life with the baby.  We were supposed to go back to the City but we got lazy and stayed in Churchville.  We watched the Penn State v. Illinois game.  Aden was in the spirit wearing blue and white!

Aden watched closely.  He loved it!

Big boy sitting without being held!

He's looking for Aunt Melissa who is sitting out there in the rain.

He loves when mommy sings to him.  I will spare you the video of her singing!

Uh, oh, bath time!  We didn't do it Thursday or Friday so it was time!

Let's try the sink!  

He handled it pretty well!

All nice and clean, our little hippo!

Aden is happy Penn State won!
no car. no pictures. :-(
going car shopping.  will update later.

Friday, September 26, 2008


Hey, nothing much to report today. We didn't do anything last night and I didn't take any pictures.    I know I've been promising to post my baby pics for comparison to Aden so I will start with this one.  Can't you go to jail now for putting a kid in one of these?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

They're Back!!!

Our family from Atlanta came in for the week.  Adam and Brianna could not wait to meet little baby Aden, as they call him.  We met for lunch at Red Robin.  

Brianna wanted to take take care of him.  Very cute.  (she's just 3)

Later that night, we all met up for dinner at Aldo's in Holland.  Aden had a busy day. Everyone wanted to play with him, so he never took a nap.

I tried to get a good picture of his outfit but we has pretty tired and uncooperative by this point.

This morning's belly time was productive.  He's really lifting his head!

Hi everyone!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Aden Loves to Talk

Brownies (not Amy's family)

Tuesday night, I ended up making dinner for Amy, Mark and Melissa.  Stir fry and brownies!  Aden loves uncle Mark.  

Post bath.  He was eerily quiet during the bath.  At least he didn't cry.  

I'm going to post some more "hello" videos!

Dog or Bear?

I'm going to have to hurry up and do Monday and Tuesday as we are going to see Elaine, Edmund, Adam and Brianna from Atlanta today and that is going to mean many pictures. Here is Monday night.  He looks like such a little boy!

Aunt Melissa brought over dinner from Chilis.

He likes to look at his Eagles bear and dog.

He also really likes to watch tv.  We are guessing that this is not a very good thing. Even when we turn him around so he is not facing the tv, he turns his head as far as he can looking for it.  Does this make us bad parents?