Thursday, May 30, 2013


Well that was fast.  I still haven't unpacked from the shore last weekend and now I have to pack to head back down again tomorrow.  It's supposed to be hot and sunny so hopefully it will be more fun for everyone.  Except maybe Ariel until we get her accustomed to the sand.  

Ariel was in charge of the stickers at the doctors office.
 Ariel really is like a dog sometimes!  She chased the cars around the track.  
 Trying out her new beach chair and bucket.
 Daddy is outside barbecuing!  

 Lounging on the swing.
 Yes, not something we should be encouraging.
 New shoes at Foot Locker.
 I took Aden to the opening day at Comic Con Philadelphia at the Convention Center.  He was so excited to go.  He also had to be Iron Man.
 Super crowded.  It took a while to get in.
 Aden's first exposure to comic books.  He had to look at every one.
 He finally settled on a few.
 Please can I have one?
 So many old toys to look at and buy.  Kind of looks like one of my drawers.  Maybe I should get a booth next time.  I have my original Millennium Falcon from the 70's.  It's in decent shape.  I have seen them selling for lots of money.
 Obviously, Aden's mind was blown.
 FOr some reason, he was the most excited about zombies.
 The Delorean!
 Someone needs to clean up that blood.

 His first purchase, a Power Rangers gun from sometime in the past.
 His next find.  A Harry Potter wand.  He grabs the wand and starts saying "Wingardium Leviosa"  I have no idea where he got that from.  His exposure to Harry Potter has been minimal.
 Then of course he had to be a zombie.  This guy was really good but slow.  This took about 45 minutes.
 Aden was a trooper and sat well.

 He kept asking how much blood there was.

 There's some resemblance there!
 We then got a cool Iron Man print from this guy.
 Everyone resting but we had to run to dinner at Maggianos.
 I'm glad we went, we both had fun.
 I passed by the lower level on the convention center and saw them setting up for the bar exam.  Brings back awful memories!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Happy Anniversary to Amy and I!!!

Let's finish off the weekend.  Monday was our 6 year anniversary!  Wow that went fast.  It's been a lot of work but all worth it!  

Ariel and Burghy, partners in crime.
 If we can't break out, let's raid the fridge!

 Sharing apples.
 Three houses around us had their power washers going all weekend.  I'm really sensitive to sound and it really bothered me.  I usually don't take nap but we got almost no sleep any of the nights so I took a few.  It was hard with the all the noise though.  I guess this guy had enough too, he went and yelled at the one of the power washers.  Enough is enough.  He ignored him though and continued all day.  
 A visit to the almost finished pool.  
 Aden cannot wait.

 Not happy he was in charge of the dog.

 General Motors newest spokesmodel!
 Aden practiced his graduation song.
 It was finally warm enough to go to the beach!  Hard to believe it's been almost 10 months!  There were a few brave souls out there.
We came across this cool dude.
 Happy to be back.  
 Aden finally feels comfortable on the beach.  He finally just ran off.  
 He even ran by himself to the freezing cold water to fill his bucket.

 What a difference from when he wouldn't leave his blanket.
 Ariel slept the whole time.
 This is a good development.  Hopefully we won't have to bring her back home to nap in the early afternoon for the rest of the summer.
 Ariel's buddy Caden.
 Greg and Jackie's house hasn't recovered from Hurricane Sandy yet.
 Ariel woke up as we were leaving.  We wanted to see how she would react to the sand.  As you can see, she was not thrilled.
 This will be a long summer for her I have a feeling.
 Aden had to be in charge of the hose.
 I went to pick up some dinner before we left.
 All packed!