Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Ariel!!!

Yesterday was Ariel's 1 month birthday!!! That went fast!

Back to Tuesday. (we actually did nothing for a change Weds and Thurs nights so these are it for the week). Jason and Rachel came by. Aden loves to play with Jason.

Jason wore him out.

But then Ed, Elaine, Adam and Brianna came over! I think Aden was in shock when he woke up with Adam and Brianna in his face. He was so excited!

Doing some repairs to the motorcycle.

It was great to catch up.

We then headed to Piccolo's for a late dinner.

Ariel looks so small here.

I love when she holds the binkie.

First bath!

She did well. Not too much complaining.

Clean baby!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

It's late Wednesday night. The kids are asleep and Amy and I are somehow watching Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and enjoying it!

I don't know why I haven't shown you these yet. Ariel was born around 9:30 pm. We got into our room about 12:30 am. At 8 am, a hospital photographer came in and asked if she could take some pictures. So here is Ariel's first professional photo shoot at less than 12 hours old:

This is my favorite.

Monday morning began another busy day. First, Andy, Alicia and Devin stopped by. It was nice to see them, it had been a while.

Aden and Devin really hit it off.

Then it was off to me grandmother's house to see our cousins again.

We finally got to see Jessica who had been stuck at home with a sick Olivia.

It's a shame Noah lives so far away.

This was funny to watch.

Later that night, Jen and Howard came by. They are due with their baby girl in April.

What a day!

Happy Hanukkah!!!

It's a cold and windy Wednesday morning.

Sunday morning somebody was wide awake. We were surprised that Aden never mentioned Santa.

I figured since it was relatively warm and sunny and the roads would probably be empty Christmas morning, I threw Aden in the car and went for a long drive. Up to New Hope and along Rive Road.

A bit different then the last time I did this a few weeks ago. New Hope was empty!

Nice drive.

We found a bridge to New Jersey.

Aden didn't want to go for a swim in the Delaware.

We found a nice park in New Jersey!

Getting ready for Hanukkah dinner at my parent's.

Watching Aden open his presents.

Some of Ariel's gifts, including a ballet outfit from the Met in New York.

Aden loved his new Transformers.

Lighting the candles.

Last year Hanukkah.

This year. Let's see if you can spot any differences.