Friday, July 29, 2011


Next up was the Lamborghini LP 560 Spyder.

So low...

Amy fit right in.

That was a fun ride up windy roads to the top of Bear Mountain.

The professional photographer doing his thing.

My turn to rest. I rode with a guy in one the Ferrari's. Amy rode with the chase car.

Cool shot.

We went up to West Point. Really nice area.

Tight squeeze!

My turn behind the Ferrari 599 GTB.

That's not fast enough.

That's better! This car was fast and felt so light. It might have been my favorite.

This was by far Amy's favorite. The Bentley Continental GTC. It was the perfect car for the last leg. We were very tired, emotionally and physically from four hours of driving crazy cars. This one though was like relaxing on your sofa. So comfy and the seats massaged you while you drove.

New York!

I had to drag Amy kicking and screaming out of this car. We finally made it back around 8. We met Jason and Rachel for a great Greek dinner in Englewood then slept over their place. I was too tired to drive the hour and half home. We had a great time and plan to do it again!
post will be up shortly

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Gotham Dream Cars Tour

Ok, here we go... Tuesday night, Aden had his turn to drive fancy cars. That Escalade ran right over the Hummer.

That's my boy, picking up an older woman and then having her drive him around.

Wednesday morning, Amy and I drove up to Englewood New Jersey to do the Gotham Dream Cars Tour. The cars were lined up and ready to go!

We had a quick lesson on safety and F1 manual transmissions and we were ready to go!

Yes, I started out in a Lamborghini and I was very nervous. They have been doing this for 5 years and only have had a handful of incidents and I was determined not to make their wall of shame, or cost my insurance company a lot of money!

There were six exotic cars and two chase cars. We made our way north to the New York border. It looked like a video game with all these amazing cars zooming in and out of traffic on the Pallisades Parkway. We stopped to switch cars. I did pretty well with the shifting, I was proud of myself!

No place for a baby seat :-(

The second leg, I was in a BMW M6 convertible as we entered into New York and headed up to Bear Mountain.

The next stop.

My turn in the Ferrari F430 Spider.

Bear Mountain State Park was an amazing place. Beautiful.

Lots of empty roads, where you could really let the cars go. Some great videos to follow!

That was fun. We have three more cars to go...
Back from our adventure but unsure as to what to do about the pictures. I took some but I haven't received the professional ones yet so maybe I will wait for those.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Captain Jerry

Today is going to be an adventure. Amy and I are headed up to North Jersey to spend the day driving exotic cars. Can't wait to show you those pictures!

Back to Sunday. It was almost as hot as Saturday. Ugh. I took Melissa and Rachel out on the waverunner.

We ran into Emily's dad on his new boat with Emily's friends. Too bad the lens had water on it.

It was low tide so we stuck to the channel and went to Ocean City.

Melissa is a great driver!

Someone took our parking place!

Amy's dad helped Emily's dad with the boat. Cooper supervised.

Ok, too hot for you to be outside.

We were not even going to attempt the beach. Instead, we went to the pool at the Regency. We were about to eat our lunch from Sack O Subs when the sky turned black.

We went up to the condo to eat.

Aden got play with some of the toys I played with as a child.

Waiting out the rain.

Not sure what this is.

Ok, sky cleared, let's go swim!

This was nice for a change. Much less effort and mess.

The sky got black again, so we just headed home.