Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mr. Potato Head

It's really late Sunday night and we survived Halloween. It was actually quite fun. We had a sneak preview on Friday at Breezy point. Aden would not put on the costume until his friends got excited about it. It actually came with various body parts so you could design your own costume.

Later that night, Aden was able to tell us what all his friends were.

It's amazing how intricate the costumes are these days. None of those step in, printed ones with the cheap face masks that were around when I was this age.

Breezy Point Halloween Parade! So many kids!

Aden's old teacher Mrs. Mette.

Aden with his new teacher, Mrs. Jen.

Aden's old buddies Chloe and Finn, now in a different class.

Adam and Liana the Care Bear.

Time to find me some pumpkins!

Got a great one!

Time for a party!

She got the kids attention by reading so the parents could escape!

Friday, October 29, 2010

2 Stamps!!!

This morning was Aden's Halloween parade. Pics to follow.

Just messing around with an iPhone app.

Sitting on the potty!


Music class last night. Not much to say, just enjoy the pics.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bike's Everywhere

Sorry about yesterday. Wasn't able to post. We were running around the City all day. Aden had a doctors appointment and then we saw his friend Alex. Here are some random shots from the last few days.

Aden in his crib.

Playing with the cat that he made with mommy.

Usual morning breakfast routine.

After the doctor, where everything was fine, we stopped by to visit Aden's friend Alex.

So many different things to see in the City.

He loved all the bikes.

I used to take this picture every year when the real trees were in bloom.

More bikes to play with.

Finally, some new toys to play with!

I think Aden needs a shopping cart.

You can tell Alex has really tall parents!

Fun day but time to go home!