Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Happy Birthday Chad!

I hate to jinx it but all 4 kids slept through the night 2 nights in a row now!  We actually called the night nurse to come back and help us a couple of days ago.  Maybe that scared the kids into sleeping?!  I guess she doesn't need to come now.  So we have a hurricane headed this way.  I guess that means no soccer this weekend so here is last week's pictures.

Aden always seems to end up on the ground.

 I think he needs some wrestling lessons.

 Pre-game pep talk.

 Aden is getting better!  Almost scored a couple of times.

 Of course half way through the game I had to run Ariel to her game.
 The boys came with me.  
 Hey Will!
 Ariel and Sammy going for the ball.

 Will's dad Craig giving some pointers.

 Always nice to have helpful hands with the boys.
 That night my sister was nice enough to babysit.  I think this was only the third dinner without any kids for us.  We went to KC Prime for Chad's birthday.
 The girls were having too much fun.
 We didn't want to go home.  If you notice behind us, we were the last ones there!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Hello Cooper. Hello Eli.

Short post today.  Last night somehow things all worked out and all 6 of us slept through the night!  I don't know if we will get payback tonight or not.  But just in case, I'm banging this out and going to sleep early. 

I think this was last Friday.

Eli in Aden's old overalls.
The roses are blooming again.
Friday night we had dinner at Amy's parent's house.
 Ariel was happy to see the dogs.
 Some shots of the babies.

 Hello Cooper.
 Hello Eli.
 We need to get their house back from Eva!

 We were about to leave and Ariel says that she's staying.  So we left her there!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Go To Bed Already!

There wasn't much sleep around here last night so I'm going to be quick here and go to bed.  All the tv shows are back but I have no idea when I will be awake enough to watch them.  The kids had day two of dance today.  Ariel is doing fine.  Aden we had to drag there but I think he liked it.  

This was Aden's practice last week.

 The coach is still pretty intense.

 They played well after it got dark out.  Do they make glow in the dark soccer balls?
This was Yom Kippur.  We didn't go to services because Eli had his ear infection and was a mess.  We broke the fast at Amy's parent's house. It was my first time there since they redid a couple of the rooms.  It looked great!
 Ariel misses her buddy Cooper at the shore.

 Aden bonding with Noah.
 Todd and Ali joined us.
 Ariel was excited to have Sammy there.

 Nice doggy.
 Todd and I with some of the kids.
 It will be interesting to see Ariel and Sammy's relationship over the years.
 We all have full bellies and feel better!
 Pick up at school.

 This was one night last week.  Neither baby would go to sleep.
 So we through them in Aden's bed.
 This was around 9:30.  Usually everyone is asleep by 9.  The babies are starting to get smart and gang up on us!  We were ready to give up!
 Everyone finally went to bed around 10 and slept through the night.