Thursday, April 29, 2021

New Sofa

It's Thursday night.  The boys had baseball and it started to rain.  We got home before the big storms blew through!  Here's your Friday post from last Friday.  

We got a new sofa for the deck!  Ariel modeled it for me.  
Honey came over!

I grilled burgers and dogs.  
I smoked some carrots too.  
It was chilly, so I made a fire.  

Hey Gwen.
Now that's a fire.  We even made s'mores.  

Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Trip to Target

Here's a quick post for your Thursday.  We took the boys to Target last Wednesday.  
That's a fun trip for them.  A bit tough for us.  They wanted everything!
We picked up some food.  
Thanks for cleaning the window with the dirty broom Eli!
Nice pics Noah!
We facetimed with Alex, Andrew and baby Quinn!
Thursday Aden had tennis.  
We had a quiet night at home.  I see pizza there.  Eli only seems to want pizza and it has to come from a restaurant.  

What would we do without this thing?


Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Baby Cousin Quinn

It's Tuesday night.  I just got back from hanging out with some high school friends.  That was fun.  Back to last Monday.  

Eli said the vacuum reminded him of Kingda Ka, the super tall roller coaster at Great Adventure.  The things he thinks about.  
After school play.  
It was Bev's birthday.  I made her favorite chicken cutlets then brought them to her.  

Ariel had a leftover waffle from my party for dessert.  
On Tuesday, cousin Alex gave us a new cousin!  Welcome Quinn Porter.  We can't wait to meet him!
I smoked some carrots that night.  

Eli loves to fill things with water.  
They drew the planets.  
They actually came out well.  

Ariel asked if she could do the dishes to earn a level on her video game.  
Big boys playing.  
Eli and I need a shave.  


Monday, April 26, 2021

My 50th Birthday

It's Monday night and it's finally time to talk about my birthday.  Last Sunday I woke up and cuddled with Honey.  I was fine being 50.  Not upset at all.  Two good nights of sleep.  Yay me!  That was probably the best present I could have asked for.  
We had brunch at Hannah G's then ran out the door.  We had to get home to get ready for the party.  It was the most messed up we have ever left the place.  
We got home around 2 and this was on the lawn.  I told Amy not to do this but it was cute.  
Ashley was over.  All the kids helped set up the house for the party we had thrown together the last few days.  
There's the birthday boy!
We had 2 trucks come.  Nick's Roast Beef with hot roast beef, hot pork, steak sandwiches, chicken and veggie wraps.  French fries and mac and cheese.  A bunch of my high school friends came that hadn't seen each other in a long time.  It was great to see everyone.  

High school guys.  We haven't changed at all!
We also had the same waffles and ice cream truck that we had for Ariel's birthday.  

People were spread out in front and in back.  
And next door.  
Lots of kids played.  

The big boys played some football.  
The pretty ladies.  
I was having lunch with Jason pretty much every week before covid.  I hadn't seen him over a year!
Jason and Dave were camp friends.  

I finally got a chance to eat.  It's hard when you are the host.  
Everyone sang to me.  

Zach my trainer.  

My sister even came out!

People stayed a really long time.  Then we sat outside with the neighbors even longer.  

I opened some presents before bed.  It was such an outpouring of love.  I was so happy!  Special thanks to Amy for all the hard work and making sure I enjoyed myself.  Love you!