Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Living After Midnight

Last Tuesday, it was really hot.  This was a hot summer!
Ariel doesn't seem to mind it.  
That night, we had guitar and piano.  We rocked out to Judas Priest Living After Midnight.  That was fun.  
Then Eli played songs for Pat and he was able to recreate them on the piano.  He's very talented.  
Last Wednesday, I had some time before going to the gym, so what do you do?  Ice cream!
Cute Ariel pics.  

What are they doing here?  Why no videos?

Eli played out back with some of the neighbors.  

Then Noah and Heather showed up.  

Talking to the neighbor.  Enjoying those dog days of Summer.  
Last Thursday, the twins and Mickey got haircuts.  
Noah would get shampooed.  Eli not so much.  
Mickey was good.  
Noah loves his games.  
I will end with this gem.  I really have no explanation.  There might not be a Friday post this week so if not, have a great weekend!


Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Movie Night in the Fort

Last Monday, we got a bunch of Ariel pics.  I have no idea what is happening here.  I can't wait to sit with all the pics and go through them with Ariel so we can understand what she did there!

Smiles everywhere 

More things that make no sense.

Or this.  

Are they running from a monster?
Back to the fort.  
Apparently it's a 5 star resort!
They wanted me to come inside to watch a movie.  
They had a chick in there!
Buzz Lightyear was the movie for the night.  
I left to go to another cheer meeting.  


Monday, August 15, 2022

Charity Event

Last Sunday, Jason and I got up early and headed to Somers Point to Chester's for donuts.  It really stinks that Juniors is gone and we have to drive to get them.  
They were really good though.  
That morning, we all went to a charity event run by our friends.  
They got 2500 backpacks donated, as well as all the supplies a kid would need for school.  First we opened all the bags.  

The twins jumped right in!
They worked hard!
Then we got a pep talk.  
Then we got into lines and filled up the bags with the supplies.  

Adne did like 14 bag at once!
Me with Jaime and Jason.  
All filled up in about an hour and a half.  
Group shot!
Then we went to the beach.  Brittany from a couple of weeks ago came to help.  

The ocean is still cold!
Aden had fun playing with Jason's twins.  
Football time.  

Then to the pool.  

After this, we packed up and brought in dinner.  We got back late.