Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Eli Star of the Week

It's Tuesday night. The kids were off today for election day.  Of course Ariel had to have 2 camp friends over.  Last Monday was the first day Eli was Star of the Week.  This was his poster.  I sent in a bunch of pictures for him to talk about.  
A Hello Fresh meal.
Rachel came for cheer.  She's back for the summer.  
Great flexibility Ariel!

She's getting stronger.

The neighbors were outside playing.  
The Cyberquad was a hit.  
Good driving Jake.
Last Tuesday, Eli and Mickey were ready for school.  
The latest driveway creation.  A tribute to their Going Buggy show, which is coming up in a few weeks.  
A carnival appeared near our house.  I should take the kids.  
Last Wednesday, Amy started packing Ariel for camp.  What a mess!

Baseball time!

The giant dog was back!
The twins played well.  

He likes me!

Good game boys!


Monday, May 16, 2022

Mother's Day

It's Monday night.  They were predicting huge thunderstorms to come through this afternoon.  Some schools closed early.  Many activities were cancelled.  Ariel's cheer gym closed so she missed her private.  And guess what.  There were no storms.  Ok, there was a tiny one late in the evening that lasted a few moments and that was it!  Oh well.  Last Sunday was Mother's Day!  I had some treats from Charleston, South Carolina delivered for Amy.  There was a bourbon pecan pie and a flourless chocolate torte.  
Amy's parents came over and I made waffles and candied bacon.  My parents were home with covid!  Thankfully, they got pretty mild cases and are on the road to recovery.  

I sent this to mom.  
The trees are pretty this time of year.  
We went to go look at a winery for Ariel's Bat Mitzvah.  
It was nice but it wasn't her style.  
The grapes are starting to grow!

Our friend got married in this room.  
The neighbors had us over for dinner and drinks.  Amy convinced me to make her favorite chicken to bring so I had to hit the market.
Over to Nancy's house.  
Ariel tried on some of Nancy's pocketbooks.  
We had lots of fun drinking and eating.  



Sunday, May 15, 2022

The Day with Fionna

It's Sunday night.  Ariel and I had an exciting weekend.  We flew to Florida for a Bat Mitzvah!  I will have way too many pics to share later.  Back to last Saturday.  Ariel and Fionna got up and chased the twins around.  
Then we got to work making pancakes.  
Fionn took over.  She likes to make letter and shapes out of pancakes.  
A for Ariel!

Mickey Mouse for Eli.  

The girls convinced me they had to go to Build a Bear to get new clothes for their bears they made together a few months ago.  Yes, they took the bears in a stroller.  
We went to the Willow Grove Mall, which was fairly packed.  

They bought a lot of clothes.  
Then lunch at the food court.  We actually ran into Fionna's mom Lynde.  
Ok, time to head home.  
Eli had therapy.  
Fionna was over the whole day.  
I took the girls and the twins to Bowlero to meet some friends for laser tag.  
First some games.

Then it was laser tag time.  
A nice group of kids.  
Ariel and Fionna were ready to go.  
The twins got really into it.  

Good job girls!
It was a cold and miserable night.