Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Summer Cut

It's Wednesday night.  The weeks are going fast and we are quickly approaching Summer but it doesn't seem to be getting any warmer.  Speaking of weather, last Wednesday, the sky looked crazy.  
There's Honey!
Sporting her new summer cut.  
Dani came to help out.  
More cool clouds.
Snuggles with my girl.  

Dani loved Honey.  She has the same dog.  

TikTok time.
All the kids being silly.

Ariel spread out her camp stuff.  


Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Sore Fingertips

It's Tuesday night and finally quiet in the house.  The boys, I guess, sense the end of the school year, and have been extra crazy.  Eli has seemingly checked out of school already.  It's like he's a senior.  Speaking of Eli, last Monday, he checked out the azaleas. 
The teacher sent this.  The boys made books.  I will have to post them, they are cute.  
After school, Ariel got to see the neighbor's new bernedoodle.  She's already in love.  
She helped feed her.  
Grandmom and grandpop came for a visit.  
This playroom really gets a lot of use.  Maybe when the twins are older, it can be a study room.  
Ariel obsessively going through her camp stuff.  
Meanwhile, back in the playroom.  
On Tuesday, I had a guitar lesson.  That hurts your fingers after a while!
The twins had a baseball game at a different field.  
This was like professional.  
Of course we did not bring their sneakers and cleats are not allowed on the surface.  Oh well.  

They look so cute out there.  

It's exhausting being a parent.  Trying to herd the kids from the dugout for batting to being in the field.  They just want to run around and be crazy.  

Ariel helped a little.  
Then she took some glamour shots.  

Good game!
Now time for ice cream.  
The playground was there so it took a while till we could escape.  


Monday, May 10, 2021

Big Extension

It's Monday night.  The dryer is running.  I hate the sound of the dryer.  It's my fault.  I started the laundry too late.  I may just have to stop it and and let the clothes sit till the morning.  I'm very sensitive to sounds and I think it's getting worse.  Sometimes I just need total quiet.  

Last Sunday was a busy day.  Ariel slept over at Eva's.  They were twinsies that day.  
Aden had football.  
He tried harder and had a better attitude.  

Rachel brought her sister to help with cheer.  The weather was so nice we set up outside.  
Eli is a natural!
Getting flexible.  

Ariel isn't scared to go up.  
Here's an extension.  

The girls put together a routine for Ariel's talent show this week.  

Let's go for a big one!
Wow she got air!
The boys got busy dumping out all of our bubbles.  
Then we went to Luke's house for his 6th birthday.  
We got to meet the new dog Buster.  
They had a water ice truck.
Soft pretzels too!
The kids ran all over the place.  

It was hot!
We went back to Ali and Todd's house for dinner.  

What a long and tiring day!