Thursday, June 17, 2021

Barbecue With The Neighbors

Here's a big post for your Friday.  Last Thursday was the last full day of third grade for Ariel and she chose to wear a dress.  So pretty!
Somehow she wasn't wearing a dress when she came home.  That night, we had a barbecue for all the neighbors to celebrate the end of school.  
I cooked for 40 people!

A neighbor made this.  Cute.  

What a feast!  Hot dogs and hamburgers and I smoked a chicken and pulled it.  

It was a beautiful night.  
Hey Izzy.

I got some great desserts.  The kids loved the cotton candy.  

It was chess all night again for Noah.  

Chloe and Izzy got to play a little.  

We played some bocce ball.  

It worked out well but it was a lot of work.  I was exhausted by the time everyone left.  
That night was also the Council Rock graduation.  We are so proud of Rachel!
So exciting!
Friday morning!
The boys posed for pictures that were going to be used in a collage for their teacher.  

We were heading to the shore that night but the traffic was bad.  
We let Ariel have a friend over and we left after 8.  No traffic then!  Have a great weekend!


Noah the Chess Master

Happy Thursday. Last Wednesday, after working out at the gym, I went out to the pool for a little.  The pools have been open for 7 years and this was the first time I sat at the adult pool.  
When I got back, Amy was giving away baby stuff to Jessica next door.  
The boys had their last baseball game.  
We got to the field just when the thunderstorms started.  
Oh well.  
Next door had a little birthday party for Nancy.  
It became an inside party with the all the storms.  Even puppy Izzy was there.  

Heather taught Noah how to play chess.  He did great!
The adults played too.  

There are a lot of kids around here!  
The biggest kids on the video games of course.  

Happy Birthday Nancy!

We ended the night with some music.  


Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Dani and Rachel

Last Monday, it was hot and we barely had air conditioning.  
Eli had his first tutoring session with Mrs. Tara.  Following in Aden and Ariel's footsteps.  
We went out to get dinner.  
It was too hot to move.  

The best place to be was in front of the tv.  
On Tuesday, the boys found the pillows.  
Then the storms came.  
Then it was cheer time.  Rachel brought her sister Dani to show her what to do when she takes over Ariel's training.  

Eli is a natural.  

Stunting time.  

These girls are amazing!