Thursday, June 27, 2019

Dead & Company 2019

It's Thursday night.  These weeks are going too fast.  Last Thursday I made my annual pilgrimage to see the Dead in concert.  It had been raining almost every night and I would have to sit outside, so I didn't decide to go until last minute.  It was pouring part of the drive, then the rainbows came and the sky cleared!

 This was the line to get in!
 I was still in line during the first song.  
 During the second song, I wolfed down a sandwich.  
 Then I went out to lawn to find some friends.  
 There's Craig and his group.  
 I have been going to Dead shows since 1988.  Over 30 years!  Wow!  I even got to see them with Jerry Garcia for a bunch of years.  It's not the same now, but John Mayer filling in for Jerry has been doing an amazing job.  

 Tennessee Jed

 Ran into Lou.

 Estimated Prophet

The night was dry and the music was great!

 Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Off to 2nd Grade

It's Wednesday night, almost Thursday morning.  We went out for a nice dinner tonight.  We sat outside on the Delaware River in New hope.  It was beautiful out.  Back to last week.  

Wednesday, the older kids had their end of school parties.  Amy ran Aden's and of course did not take any pictures.  These are pictures that were on Facebook from Ariel's party.  
 She had a really nice class this year.  

 Even Mrs. Gainsley can be silly.  
 Hey Mara!
 The twins started basketball that night.  It was a pretty big group of kids.  Eli did really well, but Noah, not so much.  

 What a jump shot!

 That was it for Noah, he sat next to us the rest of the class.

 Eli tried.  
 They wanted them to dribble back and forth between their hands.  Those coaches were crazy!  I can't even do that.  

 Maybe it will be better next week.  

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

No Tuch Little Boy or Girl

It's Tuesday night and I just had a work dinner at the King George Inn on the Bristol waterfront.  It's pretty out there.  Back to last Monday.  We stayed over at the shore Sunday night.  It was nice not to run home on Sunday.  It was really quiet on the island so Aden felt comfortable riding his bike around.  

 Hey Charlie!
 We did a little shopping.  

 Then a yummy breakfast at Hannah G's.

 We brought home doughnuts that afternoon from Juniors.  Ariel had some of hers and left this note.  
 Playing with Heather on the driveway.

 Time for Eli's doughnut.  
 Snapchat fun.  

 Tuesday I took the boys to interim week at school.  Amy had them saying pre-camp.  
 They had fun.  
 That night Amy got together fun things for Aden's end of year party.
 Eli had his guitar lesson.  

 Big tower!
 Ariel won her spelling bee!  She's learning to spell from all that texting she does now.  
 More Snapchat fun.  

 Is this what a teenage girl looks like?