Thursday, May 29, 2014

My Little Girl is Not So Little!

It's Thursday night and it was Ariel's half birthday today!  We love our little girl with the huge personality!
I picked up Aden at school this week as he was being attacked by a couple of girls!  He had no chance.
 The Grateful Dead song on the radio was eerily appropriate!  
 It was pouring and she was so upset we wouldn't let her go on the swing.
 Music class!  Ariel and her idol.
 Baby Eva was really enjoying it!

 My big 2 1/2 year old.  
 My little 5 month old.

 Aden actually wanted to come!  We had to drag him the last time.

 Dancing with my aunt!
 Double fisting.

 It was amazing for me to see Aden in the pile of instruments because I remember him in the class like...

These were the days!  Remember his friends Francesca and Jimmy?
Back to the present.  Where did that hair color come from?
 ADen couldn't wait to hold her.
 Eva was listening to Marilyn so intently!
 Of course we had a quick stop at Rita's for water ice even though it was damp and cold.
 Ariel and friends at school.
 Queen of the castle.
 It was so chilly at baseball (in the 50's!) that I was too bundled up to worry about pictures so I only have a few.
 Aden is doing so much better at batting.  He hit the ball on the first or second pitch the whole game!

 Ariel was messing around with Lilly.

 Run Aden Run!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Happy Birthday Amy!!!

Long post to finish off the weekend.  Monday it was Amy's birthday!  I got her a new iPad, which she was very excited about.  But not as excited as the kids.  
Even Cooper wished Amy a happy birthday!

Our friends Greg and Jackie made us a nice breakfast for Amy at their house on the beach.  What a view!
 The kids played while the adults ate.

 They even got Amy a little cake.  
 We actually got on the beach before 12!
 Poor Greg always has to head to the water with the boys.
 Ariel is content to put sand on the rocks.
 There is a crab at the end of Aden's shovel!
 They collected quite a few crabs!

 Nothing like being at your favorite place on your birthday!

 Looking for crabs all day.

 Cute suit!
 Running with grandma.

 Aden needed some baseball practice.
 Ariel's turn.
 Good hit!
 Chillin' with my baby.
 They have all new ice cream people!
 Back to my parents to swim after it got a bit cooler on the beach.
I rested while Aden swam.

We cleaned up and played before dinner.

 My parents made a beautiful birthday barbecue for Amy.

 We had great weekend but it was time to head back.