Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Rachel and Dani

Last Wednesday, Ariel had a special treat.  Dani and Rachel came to do cheer.  We only saw Rachel once in the last 3 months.  She was in from Penn State.  


Eli needs a lot of attention.  

Weight time!
She's flying!

Rachel is so strong!
No place she would rather be.

She could do this all day.  
Go Noah!
Eli's turn.
Thanks for coming girls! 
That night, Ariel had a private cheer lesson with her Airborne coach Serina.  I got to see Fiona on her Airborne team doing crazy lifts!

Serina says Ariel is very close to a back handspring!

Aden was at Lanie's playing with a rodent of some sort.  
Later that night, the twins were back in the fort.  


Monday, November 29, 2021

You Want Philly Philly?

Ariel had quite a birthday.  She got to go to school.  She got her second shot.  She had tutoring.  She had cheer.  Ok, maybe not so great.  I'm kidding.  We made sure she had fun.  She had lots of calls and visits.  We gave out pieces of her birthday cake to everyone on the cheer team.

Last Sunday, Aden and I went to our first Eagle's game of the season.  It took till the end of November!  I hadn't been thrilled about being around so many people. That was the main reason we hadn't gone.  But it was such a nice day...  This was us walking around and checking out the people tailgating.  
Then we walked over to the stadium.  
I love this!  I remember watching this play live and going crazy!  
It's Noah the Eagle!
It was great to be back!

World Champs!
It really was a nice day.  
The game was fun.  The Eagles played well.  
Nancy and Joe were in a box with the boys.  
Look over her shoulder.  It's Kevin Hart!
The twins got their first Hanukkah blowup.  
Last Monday, lots more packages came.  
Kylie came to help out.  

Woah.  Now there is a huge Hanukkah blow up.  

Melissa and Mark brought us back goodies from Penn State!
Last Tuesday, Ariel did some cheer exercises.  

Eli dwarfed by these things.  
We took the boys to play in the gym so we could have our parents teacher conferences.  
The boys are struggling, but the school is trying hard to work things out for them.

We saw Ariel's Student Council Member Profile.  

Homework time!