Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Balloon Sword

Today is Ariel's 3 month birthday!!! I will post the official pictures tomorrow. Aden wanted to know if we were having a party for her after school. I guess we could.

Sunday started the next swim session. The class was big this time.

First time Aden has had a male teacher. He really listened well.

This was the first time he floated on his back.

Looks like he's having fun!

Later that day we had Liana's 6 birthday at Adam's house. There was a crazy balloon juggler guy.

Of course Aden was the first to ask for a sword. Then all the rest of the kids got them.

Ariel just sat around and watched the kids play.

Here we go!

I will take on anyone...

Even girls!

Doing the juggling outside because he was using swords and fire!

He said her could juggle on one hand. Get it?!?

Scary stuff!

Aden was fascinated.

My buds!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Nap Nanny

The Nap Nanny is her hangout.

Watching daddy play on the computer.

Everyone has an opinion about who she looks like. I have no idea. All I know is, she looks nothing like Aden.

Saturday was super windy. A big tree fell across Holland Road right outside our neighborhood. So of course all the traffic was going down out street all day.

We stopped at Goodnoe's for some ice cream.

Which somehow ended up on the floor.

It wasn't me?!?!

Saturday night was quiet.

Sunday morning, we went to Melissa and Mark's to see Stef and Mike.

Aden had two scary dogs to keep away from!

Pillow fight with aunt Stef!

Ariel loves to flirt.

Cute shot of the girls.

Stef's been married the longest of Melissa's friends...

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Swimming Inside

It's way too late Sunday night and we are still watching the Academy Awards. We didn't see any of the movies so we are missing out on the inside jokes. It's somewhat entertaining but we started late and thankfully can fast forward through all the speeches and commercials.

I'm not sure when these pictures are from but I thought they were cute. This was Aden's dinner the other night, cereal, Pirate Booty and a Rice Krispie bar!

Miserable baby.

There's going to be some fighting when she wants to watch her shows!

Friday night, we went to my grandmother's to swim.

Yes, to swim. She has an indoor pool, which we have not used in years but we want to make a concerted effort to teach Aden to swim. I can remember swimming on a Halloween night when I was in high school with some friends. We would run wet to the door to give out candy. It was a cold night. They must have thought we were crazy.

My dad's been working for a while to get the pool in shape.

The women moved in to the pool room to watch.

First some goofing around before we got serious.

He was shooting everyone, including my grandmother.

Time for some lessons. My dad is excited to teach him.

Back to the gun.

This worked out well, we will have to do it again soon.