Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Happy Anniversary Melissa and Mark!!!

Run Aden Run

Falling Off The Bed

Amy's out for "girl's night" tonight.  Melissa and Mark are in the City celebrating their 3 year anniversary.  I'm home watching tv with 2 thankfully sleeping kids.  When is "guys night" out?

Short post.  I ran out of weekend pictures.  I wanted to go to the NAC pool tonight but it would have been too hard with the 2 kids.
 Then Burghy came to play too!  Ariel was so excited.
 Melissa and Mark are back from their trip with gifts!  

 Cheese face.
 Serious face.
 This is how I found Aden one morning.  He still falls off sometimes so the bars stay for now.
 Our morning camp send off routine.
 Cool dude.

 Sammy and Jaxson came to for a play date.

 The last couple of days have finally been nice.  Not too hot, just beautiful.
 She goes up the ladder and down the slide over and over again.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Flying Aden

What a beautiful day.  Finally.  

Sunday morning, very early, like 7, I took the kids to the Atlantic City boardwalk for a charity run in my uncle's name.  I was going to do the mile walk with Aden and then he was going to do the 50 yard dash with all the kids.  
 Ariel needed her energy to run too!
 Aden got impatient waiting.  The 5K people took a while.
 Cousin Genny.
 Ariel found a dog in a stroller.  

 You are supposed to walk but Aden and Genny ran a little.  They had some serious prizes to win!
 Not a bad time.
 50 Yard Dash!  Genny beat Aden last year and he said this year he had his super fast sneakers on and he was going to win!
 That's Genny to the left.  Aden is all the way in the back to the right.
 Go Aden!
 All the kids won boogie boards.
 Back to the house to play.


 Then Alan, Ina, Josh and Sloane came to swim.
 Cheese face.
 Aden was flying all day.

 The kids had a great time all day.  

The flooded crowded roads on the 6 hour trek home.
Ariel had the right idea.