Thursday, May 6, 2021

Goodbye Superkids!

It's Thursday night.  Woo hoo.  Any fun plans this weekend?  Pretty quiet here except for Mother's Day.  So Eli and Noah did the Superkids Reading Program this year.  Both Aden and Ariel did it too in their day.  This was clearly created in the 70's.  Look at those clothes!
Friday was the last day of the program.  The teacher asked the kids to dress up as their favorite characters.  
Noah picked Hot Rod.  So we needed a 70's jumper for him.  
No problem!  We had my 70's jumper laying around!  What are the chances!?!  
Eli was Alf.  
That night we had a neighbor party for Jon and Ben's birthdays.  

Cake time.  

Great looking Sundae Ariel!

It was a little chilly.  We needed the fire going.  

Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Was That a Triple?

It's Wednesday night.  These are from last Thursday.  The boys just can't ignore the big pile of pillows in the kitchen.

They played baseball that night.  

Noah actually got a hit off the pitcher but I didn't get it on camera.  
Eli on the other hand.

That's one way to get a triple!  Just run to third base!

Good hit Eli!

Bored out there?

I like this pic of Ariel.

Hanging with Claire in her car.  
Some coloring to celebrate a reat win!


Tuesday, May 4, 2021

High School Buddies

Here's a big post for your Wednesday.  Last Monday the boys worked on their letters.  

Tuesday morning, Eli found interesting uses for Ariel's crutches.  
Tesla came to our house early.  They replaced my 12 volt battery.  So weird there is one.  The main battery handles almost everything.  
Look at that huge air filter!
Honey came to visit that night.  
Ariel chased her all around.  
Later that night I met 5 high school friends for dinner.  It was great seeing everyone.  We haven't aged a bit.  
Wednesday was nice out.  

What's wrong Ariel?

Are you flying a paper airplane Noah?
Oh, you were making them with Heather.  

The kids had a water gun fight at the neighbor's house.  
Ariel got pretty wet.   
Liking those pillows Eli?
This was my outfit from when I was around Noah's age.  Look at those bell bottoms!  
It fits him well.
I will let you know why he's wearing this soon.