Thursday, August 30, 2018

The Atlantic City Air Show

It's Thursday night.  We had orientation today at Holland Elementary School.  It was nice to be back and see a lot of familiar faces.  Ariel and Mrs. Gainsley are going to be so cute together.  Aden's teacher seemed cool too.  She's really into science and had a giant X Wing fighter hanging in the center of the room.  Tonight also started the sports craziness.  Ariel went back to cheerleading and Aden started flag football.  I don't know how it's all going to work.  Back to last week. After Jason and Heather left, we decided to go to mini golf.  It would have been easier to go without the twins but they really wanted to go.
Waiting to start.
Here we go!

The boys did really well!

Everyone had fun playing.

I can't believe we were going to do the whole course.

Eli got a little nervous around the water fall and the giant gorilla.

Across the bridge!

We finished the whole course!
Then of course we had to go for ice cream.
Aden and Ariel slept at Amy's parent's house.  They sent us this pic in the morning.
They didn't want to go see the air show so Amy and I took the twins to Atlantic City.
They don't get on the boardwalk very often.
We ran to the beach looking for the airplanes.

Where are they?
Here they come!


We stayed for about and an hour and a half watching the planes.  Different planes doing different stunts.  It was really cool.

Mmmmm.  Canteloupe.

Then we went to swim.
My underwater camera was ruined when someone opened the battery compartment under water.  My backup underwater camera does not take the best pictures.

That night Amy's mom babysat so we could go out to dinner.
A little light reading before bed.
We had a nice quiet dinner at Johnny's in Margate.  Have a great Labor Day Weekend!

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Our Moody Girl

These are from last Tuesday.  All the kids were up early.  
 We went over to Juniors.  The guy there remembered when Eli dropped his lovey in the bay last year and we all had to scramble to get it.  For some reason, I let him carry it back there.
 Doughnut time.

 Then the playground.

 We dragged everything to the beach.  
 I think Heather misses her boys being little.
 I know there are lots of repeat pictures coming up but I was playing with cameras and lenses and wanted to post what I did.

 The boys played a lot of football.

Ariel has been moody lately.

We went to lunch off the beach.  They were practicing for the air show so jets were flying over head.  It was cool but very loud.  After one went by we didn't see Eli anymore.  We found him.  Poor guy.
Back to the beach.  

We are not ready for her to be a teenager!
Our annual family beach pic!
 Fun day but time to leave.
 It's reallllly hard to get the cart on and off the beach.
 Even with Jason's help.
 We used the outside shower for the first time!