Thursday, July 30, 2020

Water Rainbow

This week has been dragging.  I'm in the middle of my two day continuing legal education classes.  It's virtual this year.  I miss going to the city and seeing my old work friends and having some good food.  I especially miss the Amish doughnuts.  These are from last Friday.  

All the kids had colds.  Noah made a nice pile of tissues.  Everyone went to camp though except Ariel.  Her cold was the worst.  
I met Amy and Ariel for lunch at Pat's in Newtown.  They had us sitting in a barn outside.  
Ariel did TikToks in the middle of the street.  
Then is started pouring.  
It wasn't going to end anytime soon.  
I told Ariel we should make a run for it.  We had gone across the way to buy candy and we were stuck. 
Well we ended up running back to Amy then to the car.  The road was flooded around the car so our feet got really wet too.
Look carefully, you can see something colorful falling off the upstairs balcony.  It was another water toy that Eli had picked out on Amazon and had just been delivered.  Eli carried it all around the house.  
Then we went outside to set it up.  
He's been talking about this rainbow for weeks.  
It sprays everywhere!  Time for a bathing suit.  
That's better.  
You know what?  It also needs a car.  

This boy knows how to have fun.  
Then he set it up on the grass.  

We did not go to the shore so the kids got to play with the neighbors.  

Oh to be young in the summer.  Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

The Crazy Summer of 2020

These are from last Wednesday and Thursday.  Let's start with the camp picture.  It actually came out really cute.  This will be our memory of the crazy summer of 2020.  
Wednesday morning Ariel and the twins went to the dentist for a checkup.  Noah insisted on going in himself and did really well!  Eli wanted mommy.  
Ariel, Noah and I played video games in my car until Eli was ready.  
Later that day, Aden went to the endodontist to check out his broken tooth.  He said no root canal for now!  They will just bond the tooth.  Amy took him to see Honey to celebrate.  

That night Ariel had her cheer lesson with Rachel.  

I went to meet with the pre-school dads.  It had been so long.  The plan was to hang out outside but the storm clouds came in fast.  
There were only 3 of us.  The gang is falling apart.  
We continued inside once the rains fell.  It was nice to catch up.  
When I got back, the twins were still playing.  
They wanted to do some experiments.  

This is a page from Ariel and Aden's yearbook.  There are pictures of Noah and Eli in there!
Thursday, I had my first massage in 5 months!  I missed them!
The cracks in the windshield are getting worse!

Melissa and family took some pictures.  Amy and Ariel went to help and ended up in some of the pictures.  

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Covid Testing in the Rear

These are from last Monday and Tuesday.  You wonder why we send them to camp.  This is what they are doing at like 6 am.  
 After camp Madi came to help.  
 Jessica and Matthew came to play.  

 They invited us to their pool next door.  It was super hot so it sounded fun.  I'm going to brag for Amy.  Madi, who is 16 and tiny, needed a bathing suit.  Amy gave her one of hers and it fit!  Go Amy!

 I don't know, I saw an awful lot of people mad at Governor Wolf. Something seems to have gone right in Pennsylvania.  
 A little pandemic humor.  
 Tuesday was another hot day.  
 I was driving up Street Rd and got hit by a huge rock!  The car is always recording and I actually have a video of the rock flying towards my car.  It looks like it came from the sky!  You can imagine this totally scared me.  
 I pulled over to check it out.  
It's been a week and it's still growing!  I probably shouldn't be driving the car.  I have an appointment for next Tuesday to get it replaced.  
 Melissa and family came over.  I made steak sandwiches while they all relaxed.  

 Hey Honey.  
 The steaks were yummy.  

 Watering the dog!

 Aden had a tennis lesson.  

 Eli is still obsessed with water buckets that dump on your head.  

Madi did it for them.