Friday, April 29, 2022

Boston Cream Pie Cookie

Last Friday, the boys played music early.
Then we walked to school.  
After work, I went to the gym. There were people in bathing suits by the pool!  It was nice but not that nice!
I had been good for several weeks but just had to try a Boston cream pie cookie at Crumbl cookies.  They have new flavors every week and I wanted to try this one before it was gone!  I really only had a couple of bites and threw the rest away!
Cleaning out the fire hydrants near my house.  
It was nicer than it had been.  Who is that all the way in the distance? 
It's Eli on the Cyberquad.  

Honey and family came over!

Everyone took turns.  

Ariel had cheer.  I watched from outside.  

When we got back, they were still playing.  

Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Baseball in the Cold

It's Wednesday night and it's in the 40's.  Ugh.  The twins had baseball practice and didn't complain but I was unhappy.  Last Wednesday, I noticed they started furnishing the area outside the men's locker room.  I'm not sure who is going to hang out there but ok.  
The twins had a baseball game.  

Ariel found our neighbors to hang with.  
We even ran  into Jack, who is always so happy.  
Back to our game.  The boys mostly paid attention and tried hard.  
They made some plays!
It was chilly.  Noah kept his coat on.  
Right Eli?  

Ariel found a cheer friend and started tumbling.  

Then she got cranky.  

On Thursday, Ariel had a private cheer lesson with Coach Serina.  
Ariel was happy she got to do some back handsprings in front of Fionna.  

Doing some round offs to prepare for a round off back handspring.  
This is the last official week for Airborne.  Ariel's team party is Friday.  She will keep coming here though to practice until the next season in the Fall.


Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Lots of Birthdays

It's Tuesday night.  I had a productive guitar lesson.  It's fun jamming with my teacher.  Last Monday was my birthday!  It was cold when I got up.  There was frost on the ground!  
I had a flat tire so I decided to replace the 2 rear tires.  I had them shipped to the house.  
Tires make a lot of noise while you are driving but you generally don't hear them because the engine sound is so loud.  With electric cars, like mine, there is no engine sound so you really hear the tires so I get ones with foam in them to deaden the sound.
They came to my house to replace the tires!
The kids were still off so we took them to see Sonic the Hedgehog 2.
It was ok.  
That afternoon, Dani came for cheer.  
Eva and Gwen also got some lessons.  
Is that Aden participating?  What a crazy night.  

Fly Gwen!
Still working on the back handspring.

They had a cake for me!

Happy Birthday to me!
The kids settled in with a movie and Melissa, Mark, Amy and I went to dinner.  
We went to Nikos.  
We had a great dinner!
On Tuesday, Ariel did some tumbling in the playroom.  
It's nice we have the space now.  
It was Bev's birthday.  I made her dinner.  Then my parents came over for cake.  
Happy Birthday Bev!