Sunday, October 31, 2021

Lift Me Up Girls!

It's Sunday night.  Halloween!  We had a full weekend of course.  Eli had been so excited and I think he had fun.  All the kids did.  We went to a Bat Mitzvah last night at the same place as Aden's so it was like a redo but we got to not be stressed and really enjoy ourselves!  

Back to last Saturday.  Eli hung with his new friend.  
Dani came for some cheer.  
Nice form Ariel!
Sporting some new Airborne clothes.  

Dani has her working with weights a little.  We need to get her stronger!

Soccer time.  

The boy splayed well.

One more game Noah!
I dropped them at the playground and went to Ariel's football game next door.  
Hey girls!
Ariel always wants to go up!

A pep talk before running through the competition routine.
Good job girls!  Coach Lynde doesn't want us posting it until after the competition.  

So Ariel's team is the Indians, which is not pc these days.  Her new team is the Snipers with a bullet as the "i".  Does that seem even more inappropriate?  


Thursday, October 28, 2021

Hall of Fame

It's the Thursday night before Halloween weekend.  Eli's greatest holiday.  There's also a huge storm coming!  Don't know what that means for Trunk or Treat.  So last Friday was a bit of a milestone for me.  I wear a belt at the gym that tracks my heart rate.  The higher my heart rate, the more points I get.  The points don't actually do much for me.  After so many you move up to the next level.  It has actually been very motivating for me.  It took me about 5 years, but I made it to the highest level, Hall of Fame!  Here I am with my trainers Casey and Sean.  
The red circle means Hall of Fame!
They have me a t shirt and a mug.  
Here I am at Diamond level needing a few more points.
You can see it changed to Hall of Fame!
Back home, we tried out the smoke machine, which Eli was very scared of!

That night we went to Airborne to sign the contracts for Ariel's cheer season.  
She's so excited!
Of course she had to buy some outfits.  
Then it was over to Senior Night at the high school.  

Ariel held a giant Amanda face.  
It was a also a black out.  All the kids were in black.  
Go girls.  
Go Amanda!
Jaime and I.  
Of course Ariel found Peyton.  
Dani is not a flyer but because she's a senior, they let her go up!  That's her on the right.  

Ariel and Peyton with Dani at halftime.  

Of course Ariel and Peyton ended up on the field.  

These girls have too much fun.  
Back to the scary house.  
Lanie was over and all the kids were being crazy!  Have a great weekend!