Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pretty Cake

Ariel had a fun birthday!  Mommy took her to music class where they sang Happy Birthday.
 We have been practicing the song and I think she knows it now!
 The kids play outside at school no matter the weather.  I thought it was cold but they didn't care.
 Our families came over for some birthday cake.

 First a little Playdough fun.
 Amy's mom got a beautiful cake.

 Still hungry?

 Ariel got a Bitty baby and carriage from my mom.  She walked around the kitchen in circles endlessly.  It was cute.

 I think Aden had too much to drink.  Milk that is!

Mr. Jones

Birthday Morning

Just a taste from this morning.  More to come!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Ariel!!!

Hard to believe our little princess has been here for a year!  I always say that I can't remember life before Aden even though he's only 4.  So everything began with him but Ariel has brought it all to a whole new level.  At only 1 she continues to amaze us everyday.  She is full of personality and keeps us on our toes.  Just watching the two of them together is pure joy for us.  I will have pictures Friday of her birthday celebration.  
 Tuesday morning we had snow!  The kids were amazed.  Depending on where you were, it was pretty heavy but we didn't have any at work.  Thankfully, it never stuck to the roads anywhere because Amy and I had to drive to New York City!
 We went to the Edison Ballroom in Times Square for a Dinner & Concert with the Counting Crows with Becky and Larry for the Dysautonomia Foundation.  That was a mouthful.  
 A quick stop at the M & M World Store to get 5 lbs of M & M's for Ariel's party!
 We made it!  It was a much easier drive than we anticipated.  We were excited to be spending the night with Becky and Larry.
 Quite a swanky, sophisticated crowd raising money to help Sam and other's like him.

 The food was excellent.

 But it was time to get close and personal with the Counting Crows.
 I could almost touch Adam's dreads!
 So awseome to have a major musical act playing in such an intimate setting.
 They sounded awesome.  I will post some videos later.
 Even though I was close, it was hard to get good pictures because of the lighting but some came out cool.

 Maybe I will have Aden take up the accordian.
 Adam even played some piano.
 It was a great show.
 We were back by midnight.  Not too bad a drive.
 Wednesday, after school, Aden started a new session of gym at the NAC.  Ariel was back at her house.
 She wanted in really badly.
I think the class looks kind of boring but he loves it.

 Happy Birthday Baby!!!