Monday, May 31, 2010

We Survived Memorial Day Weekend! (Barely!)

What a weekend! It's Monday night and I'm tired, but I'll see how much I can get through, while I'm finally watching the last 24. Friday, Aden was ready to go! (after we packed the world)

Out of the yucky school clothes, let's go!

Before we left, around 5 Friday, the news was saying how horrible the traffic was. I don't know what they were smoking because we hit no traffic and made it down in record time! Aden kept himself busy with the Wiggles.

Do you believe this?

Friday night was mellow. The tv didn't work but that didn't stop Aden.

Saturday wasn't the nicest weather so we walked around a big chunk of the day. Aden was pointing to Lucy the Elephant.

We checked out some bikes for Aden at the Margate Bike Shop.


He eventually passed out.

The neighbor kids. Yes, the kid in the front is eating Playdough!

Then to the new playground in Margate.

The first ice cream of the year at the Dairy Bar of course.

After resting, we had dinner with my parents and grandmother at Johnny's Cafe then it was time for more ice cream! Two Cents Plain for waffles and ice cream.

What flavor do you want Aden?

Bubbie had a great time with Aden.

We went back to meet the babysitter. Aden didn't think it was bed time.

We went to the Greenhouse to watch the Phillies and the Flyers. At least one of the games was perfect!

Upstairs at the Greenhouse!!! It's like we never left!

We lucked out finding a second babysitter when our usual was busy. It's awesome we have two babysitters now! I guess I need to start making reservations for the Summer!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Shore Time!!!

We are headed to the Shore later today. Yay!!! Aden is thankfully feeling much better. Amy took him to get her new driver's license which had expired. Even after taking three pictures, Amy was not thrilled with how it came out. Oh well, she can get a new one in four years!

I think we have figured out Aden's birthday present. He's ready for the Thomas train set.

Last night we had dinner with Amy's family to say goodbye to Edmund, Elaine, Adam and Brianna who are headed back to Atlanta. Aden had a great time with the kids.

Yes, this floor was filthy. Oh well.

So sweet!

They will be back soon for Melissa's wedding.

Bye guys! It was great to see you!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Amy and Happy Anniversary to Us All!!!

Time to catch up. Last we spoke the Flyers had just won the conference. Tuesday morning, Aden was not feeling well but he went to school.

After school, Adam and Brianna came over to play.

The kids had a great time!

Even Cooper joined in.

Bubbles everywhere!

A little snack.

Aden's going to miss them when they go back to Atlanta.

Aldo's for dinner. Aden learned how to climb a tree!

Brianna and Adam take very good care of Aden.

Wednesday woke up to some birthday banana chocolate chip pancakes. Her kids were excited and sang happy birthday to her all day.

I think he's looking more like me all the sudden.

I took him to school for field day but he still wasn't feeling well.

The little ones watched the bigger ones playing games.

Aden's class!

Yes, he was totally blue by the end of that popsicle.

The three buddies. Right after this picture, I took him to the doctor, a place he now really hates, and they said he has an ear infection and a virus. Lucky him! As soon as we got back in the car he fell asleep so instead of going home and having to wake him, I decided to go to Cherry Hill to get my iPad! It worked out well. It took about 40 minutes and Aden slept the whole way.

Aden had a blast at the Apple Store. People were gathered around watching him work the computer.

Mini me!

He insisted on carrying the bag.

My new favorite picture.

Ok, buddy, time to go home.

Last night, we went out for Greek food in Glenside for Amy's birthday.

It's the only Greek restaurant we can find outside the City. We sat outside and had a great meal. So Amy's birthday came to a close but today is our 3rd anniversary!!!