Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Babies and Box Ball

It's Wednesday night and we had back to school night tonight. People really don't give teachers enough credit.  They have to do so much work to teach the modern kids.  It all seems so complicated to me but they really think about each child and their needs.  Aden is going to have a great year!  Every weekend this summer was beautiful so I'm not terribly upset that there seems to be a hurricane headed this way!

Last week the neighbors got together for a barbecue.
 Eli had a tough day so he just went for the beer.
 It was a hard decision.
 Ahh.  Hits the spot.

 Filling up the Tesla.  Getting practice for daddy's which is on the way!
 I don't know where Noah was during all of this. 

 The big kids were into sports.
 Eli wanted to play Box Ball.
 The girls.

 Some hide and seek.  Look at those faces.  I really hope they cherish these moments.  
 Time for S'mores!

Fun times but it's getting dark!
The next day we went to Storybook Land down the shore.  
 We met Melissa and Amy's mom.
 The boys loved the ride on the tram.

 Ariel and Eva did a bunch of rides together.

 Mommy takes the kids on the spinning rides.
There's grandmom and Eva!
 Being silly at lunch.

Pretty slide in the woods.

The kids could do this on their own.

Heading off to splash in some water.  It was hot out!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016


It's Tuesday night before 10 and I am the only one still up, watching America's Got Talent and working on this and drinking sone bourbon.  Hard to believe I have so many pictures from last week.  The neighbors stopped by to hang out.

 It's amazing that the babies keep up!
 Eli is ready for his permit.

 Second piano lesson.
 For the babies of course.

 When Aden was a baby he used to say Melmo.  Eli is now saying the same thing!  
 Yes, they were walking around with cords.
 I wonder what kept all their attention.
 So sad summer is coming to an end.
 Maybe they will like the snow.  We shall see.
 This happens a lot in the morning.  They jump in after I get out.  

 Some of Ariel's OCD.
We had "meet the teacher" at Aden's school.  His buddy Finn is in his class.
 I've mentioned Finn before.  He's been with Aden since they were 1.

 Did I mention the teacher was Aden's group leader at his book club this summer so he knows her and loves her which is great.  She's really sweet.
 Aden sitting next to his best friend Ben.   Not sure if that's a good idea.  

 Aden is still sad camp is over but he will forget that soon.

 Ariel wearing my shoes.
 I went to get a haircut.  Ariel helped.