Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Stalking Marty

It's Tuesday night.  It's the last day of April.  We are less than a month away from Memorial Day Weekend!  Who is ready for the shore?  Now that we are done with Florida, the posts are going to get a little shorter.  Back to last Sunday.  Thankfully all the kids slept well after the trip home from Florida.  The boys ran outside in the pjs to play with the neighbors.  

 We went food shopping.  
 The boys found Marty the robot!

 We went to bubbie and grandpops to give Amy some no kid time!

 Playing around.

 At school Monday.  These were the only pics I took that day!
 I've gotten lazy.  

Monday, April 29, 2019

The Voyage Home

It's a cold Monday night.  We are back from Aden's football game which sadly didn't go well.  Aden's team was shut out.  I was freeing out there.  Suddenly we lost Spring again.  Last Saturday morning we got up early and packed.  
Then we went to meet cousins for lunch in Boca.
 Cool tree!

 Aden wants this when he turns 16.  
 We met cousins Debbie, Jack and Julia at the Broken Egg Cafe.  
 Ariel was excited for her waffle.  

 They  brought the kids gifts, which was very nice, but they were big and we needed to get them on the plane.  

We said our goodbyes.
 Till next time!
Back to finish packing and load the car.
 Man we brought a lot and we even shipped a box back.
 The airport was so crowded.  The twins made a friend.  Flying really isn't very fun anymore.  
 The flight was delayed around an hour.  
 While we were at the airport and flying, our family was having their Passover seder!
 It took under 2 hours to get back.  I think it took almost that long to get our bags, get our car and get home!  

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Amy's Favorite Place

It's Sunday night.  Weekends are really hard sometimes.  Way too much going on.  This will be the last huge Florida post.  These are from last Friday.  I took Ariel early on some errands.  We even stopped for doughnuts.  
Oh, that's it.
Look where we found Noah!
Ariel likes reading to the boys.  
We headed out to Amy's favorite place.  Nordstroms!  Town Center Mall in Boca is one of my favorite places.  
Ariel has become quite the shopper too!
The boys just want balloons.  

We had fun running around the mall.

The Easter Bunny!
He ran away!

We then headed to meet our friend Lisa and her kids.  Back to the same playground we were at the first night.  
This time we played tennis.  
Even Eli was swinging the racquet.  
We usually see them when we are in Florida.  Lucas is Aden's age.  Chloe is a little older than Ariel and Charlie is the twins' age.  

The kids got tired of the playground pretty quickly so we headed back to their house.  They got 2 new dogs and we had no idea.  
Golden doodles!  Amy's favorite dog.
They are like 9 months old.  
As cute as they are Lisa wishes she didn't have them.  They have torn apart the house and they are a lot of work.
The boys stayed away from the dogs.  
They were out and in.

Huge and still growing!
Mangoes growing in their backyard.  Yum!
The kids played with water balloons.  

We had a fun time.  We all wish we lived closer!