Thursday, February 28, 2019

Milkshakes Everywhere

Here's a quick post for Friday.  The pictures are from last Thursday and Friday.  Mommy was really nice and had burgers and milkshakes delivered.  We really get a lot of use out of Uber eats and DoorDash.  Between those two, we can pretty much get food from from any restaurant in the area delivered.  
 You like that Eli?
 Oh yeah, that hits the spot.
 Milkshakes everywhere!
 We are giving away the last of the baby stuff.  Noah isn't quite ready for it all to go.
 I saw this at the gym on Friday.  It was an advertisement for the our kid's pre-school.
 Recognize that girl in the front?
 There's Eva!
 It was a quiet night.  Just lots of cuddles.

 Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Belgian Waffles

It's Wednesday night.  We have been attempting to clean the basement.  It's pretty much a lost cause.  We just have too much stuff.  We have someone coming for the remainder of the baby stuff which is nice.  Do you notice that I put two spaces between sentences?  I think the current trend is to do one space but that doesn't look right to me.  

Last Wednesday, schools were cancelled the night before due to impending snow.  That means waffle time!
 I got Belgian pearl sugar to make Belgian waffles.  They were a little sweet but yummy.
 Eva and Gwen came by for a quick visit before the snow started.
 Yummy breakfast.
 The snow came in hard.
 We played for a while in the house then the kids wanted to go outside.
 All snuggly and ready to go!
 Our little angel.
 The boys were tentative at first.

 We headed out to the hill behind our house with neighbors to sled.

 Here we go!
 Carly came out to visit.  She loved being in the snow.
 Ariel and her friend Ariella took a bunch of runs.  So did Noah.  Eli stayed far away!
 Aden played with his friends.
 The snow ended up not being that bad.
 The kids could have had school.  
Arts and crafts to keep them busy!

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Move the Queen

It's Tuesday night and here's a quick post.

I thought this was funny.  Get it?
 Ariel wrote us a note.  See if you can read it!
 She also wrote a note to her teacher, whose name is Shannon.
 Just some pics of the boys.

 Eli found an interesting place to watch his iPad.
 Make room for me!
 Basketball practice.

 A quiet night in bed.  

Monday, February 25, 2019

Eli and Noah's 4th Birthday Party

It's Monday night and Aden and I just got back from quite an adventure. I will tell you about that next week.  You can get a preview on Facebook.  Here's a big post to compensate for tomorrow's short one.  Last weekend, we had Eli and Noah's 4th birthday party at Altitude.  Ready to go Noah?
 We had the party early to beat the crowds.
 Had to the place to ourselves for a while.  Most of their class came.

 Aden likes dodgeball the best.

 Eva and Gwen joined the fun.

 Time for pizza and cake.

 The boys put in every candle they could find.

 That's a lot of candles!
 Almost got it!
 Pinata time!
 These are the new ones that you pull the strings rather than hit.

 Eli's favorite part of any party.
 Hey Eva.
 A little more jumping before we left.
 They loved their new toys!

 They are ready for their next birthday!