Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Aden at Sam's

Monday Aden wanted to do some shopping at Sam's Club. Always a fun place to buy way more stuff than you could ever use.

We then stopped by the beer store to visit uncle Mark. Aden wanted to get some Land Shark.

After work, Aden was playing with this thing. This is my favorite toy. I will put up a video.

He loves to shake things.

He's trapped! No escape for the baby!

Aden's new thing is hugging.

He loves to hug his bear and people too!

Awwww. Tired.

Melissa shortly before the engagement. We kept her busy while Mark decorated the apartment.

After Seven Years...

Yay!!! Melissa is getting married!!! We couldn't be happier for our sister and new brother. This is going to be an exciting year! Aden is going to be the cutest ring bearer ever!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Party at Juniors

Sunday morning Amy was all motivated for a walk but we didn't make it past Juniors.

Aden and I patiently waited for Amy to get our donuts and coffee.

Jen, Scott and Mackenzie passed by.

Still waiting for my donut! (he actually did have some)

Then my cousins Jen and Mike came by as well as Amy's mom with the dogs. We had an impromptu party by the Bay.

Aden drinking some water from his Penn State sippy cup.

There's Jenny!

Hanging with his two best girls.

I'm not sharing my donut with you!

Mind if I shake your tongue?


Hey Aden, let's go. Ok, I got the dogs!

Amy and grandma.

Aden and daddy contemplating life, the universe and everything.

The sky cleared and we headed to the beach!

Aden was playing nicely in the sand, i.e. he didn't eat any!

Uncle Adam helped him dig a hole.

Then Aden wanted to play in the ocean! He loved running up to it and putting his feet in.

We had a big crowd with us. Even little Mackenzie made it out!

Of course we had to stop at the Dairy Bar after the beach.

Aden had some yummy ice cream!

Waiting to be hosed off with the chairs and toys. The boy was covered in sand!

Aden was cool enough to hang out in his pack n play while we packed. He was entertained looking in the mirror.

Another fun weekend but Aden was ready for his own bed!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Aden's First Taste of Mack & Mancos

Friday Amy and Aden headed to the Shore early with Amy's mom. I drove down after work. Amy's dad was on a motorcycle trip to Niagara Falls and Melissa was in the Hamptons for Stef's Bachelorette party.

I met the girls at Giovanni's in Northfield.

Aden was in a silly mood.

He liked that roll. He will eat anything as long as it's bread or fried! He's off to a great start! Actually, he loves fruit so I think we are ok.

Showin' off the belly.

We saw people we knew there and the food was good.

After a quick bath, Aden went to sleep and Amy and I headed to Tomatoes to meet my cousins Jen and Mike for some drinks. It was a great night for people watching. You wonder what people are thinking sometimes.

Saturday was the first warm, sunny beach day of the Summer so far! We slathered up the baby with suntan lotion and headed for the beach early.

Aden played with his new beach toys.

But the sand was more fun.

We took a walk and found Jen, Mike, Cheryl, Jacob and Jonah.

Someone is silly!

He wanted one of his new cheese doodle things, although they are veggie and not cheese. He's also now into Mum-Mum's.

Aden with his cousins Jacob and Jonah. Don't you just love the red hair?

Aden is starting to give really big hugs.

Love this shot!

Aden seems to love his new beach stroller.

Jonah came to say goodbye before we left. Aden is so ready to run around and play!

Amy and Jen talking first birthday party.

The beach was super crowded. We had to leave early to meet our friends Jason and Heather and their twin boys Jake and Ryan.

They don't like posting pictures of their kids so I won't. They are cute though. About a year and a half old. It was the whole family's first trip to Ocean City and they loved it. We got there at 4:30 but everyone was really hungry so of course we went to Mack & Mancos. At that time it was packed and we had to wait for a table.

Aden tried his first Mack & Manco's pizza and he liked it! Jason an Heather loved it too, but we were careful not to over eat as we had to leave room for Shriver's salt water taffy, Steel's Fudge, Kohr's custard, Johnson's popcorn and monkey bread!

Silly Aden was back.

At dusk the beach in Ocean City was still crowded.

Aden wanted some ice cream!

We ran into Alan, Ina, Josh and Sloane. Jason and Heather ran into tons of people they knew.

We had a fun night. Aden even got to stay up past 8! Jason and Heather got a great taste of OC. Next Summer, all the boys will be trying out the rides!

We had to brush extra hard to get out the caramel popcorn!