Thursday, July 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Rachel!

Please join me in wishing Rachel a happy and healthy birthday (it was yesterday)!  Have fun tonight!


Aden came to visit me at work yesterday.  I started him on the chlorine press but I had to take him away as he was working so hard, it was making the other guys look bad.

So I gave him some desk work to do but he got bored quickly.  He needs to be on the move.  None of this desk stuff for him!

I will just have to make him a manager I guess.  He will be good.  He knows what he wants and goes for it! (usually that means a boob)

Last night Amy and I went to a picnic in Media on the grounds of the original WaWa farms.

It was beautiful there.  The trees were so tall!

A real working well.

This was taken inside the house!  The views were amazing.

We wandered the grounds and came across this.

There were several lakes on the property filled with Koi.

And frogs!

The food was amazing.  Mojitos and apple martinis kept us happy!

Lamb and ratatouille. (the dish, not the mouse)

Amy's family watched Aden for us.  He was not a good boy!  He was fussy the whole time.  Mark and Melissa took turns singing to him.  We have to keep an eye on Mark though, he was singing about the Steelers going to the Super Bowl!  He wasn't much better for us.  He was up from like 12-3 crying most of the time.  We tried every trick we knew but nothing seemed to work.  Of course in the morning, he was mellow.  His feet are almost as big as mine!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Back in Business

The beautiful gifts are still coming!

I was so happy to see Aden again after work on Tuesday.  I can see now how you all have a hard time leaving your kids.  I did like the sleep though.  It's still hard to catch all the cute faces he is making.  They are too fast for my camera.  He was alert all night.

Someone is hungry!

He still loves his hands up!

We stuck the mirror in front of him and sat there watching himself.

We are doing baths Tues, Thurs and Sun.  That was the schedule at Abington and it sounds good to us.  He wasn't thrilled about the bath tonight!

Once his clothes are back on he calms down.

We decided to try out the crib.  It's sad we had to take out the pretty bumpers and comforter.

We give up trying to swaddle him.  He breaks out every time.

He seems so small!

This morning he somehow ended up in our bed again.

Where is the camera?

Sorry but I left my camera at home so I can't post any pictures this morning even though I took some really cute ones last night.  He slept in his crib for the first time!  Amy is going to try and meet me for lunch so I will get the camera then and put up some pictures this afternoon.  Last night went really well.  He ate around 11.  Fell asleep by 11:30 and didn't wake up till 3:30.  I let Amy sleep and I fed him till after 4 the both of us went back to sleep.  Not bad at all.  

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Rest of the Weekend

After the walk Sunday morning, I went back and Aden and I slept for a while. By the time I woke up, it had started raining. Aunt Melissa bonding with Aden.

They started building a house next door and they are making a mess! Especially with the rain, there was mud everywhere.

By later in the day, this was a swimming pool!

There was a break in the rain so Melissa, Mark, Aden and I walked over to Lucy to see if there were any cute outfits for Aden in the gift shop. Melissa and Mark look natural pushing the stroller. Someone they sort of knew even asked if he was their son!

I think I'm on a quest to take pictures of the Bugaboo in as many places as I can!

We thought that Chloe, the Lhaso Apso would have a hard time with the baby, she gets jealous easy, but it's Jenny that seemed to be upset. She didn't eat all weekend and kept trying to steal Aden's things. Hopefully she will get used to him soon.

The break in the weather did not last long. As soon as we got back the sky got dark again.

Jenny is not coming in till the last possible second. She loves to be outside.

Moments after this picture was taken, a hurricane blew threw. The dogs were upset but Aden didn't seem to mind. I will post a video of this soon.

Uncle Mark loves Aden! He wants to teach him to be a kicker in the NFL!

Hey Buddy!

Amy decided to stay at the Shore with her mother through Tuesday. I went back Sunday night and had two glorious nights of sleep. Poor Amy was up with Aden both nights. She says I get all the night shifts when she gets back! I really miss both of them!

Monday, July 28, 2008

The Stephan Jonas 1 Mile Walk

Sunday morning, Aden and I picked up Beverly at 7 and headed to the Hilton.  A friend of my uncle's died several years ago and his wife started a charity event for him.  My uncle went every year and participated.  Now that my uncle passed, they decided to rename part of the event for him.  

It was a beautiful morning.  I can't believe Beverly was able to get up.  Amy wasn't feeling well so I let her sleep in.

Aden wanted to do the 5k run but I talked him into the 1 mile walk!

A group of people from work came.  That was amazing of them.

Genny liked to see the baby.  I don't even remember her being this small.  

Leo, Rebecca, Genny and my aunt are headed to Africa later in the day!

We had tons of family and friends that came out.  It was really nice of everyone.

Melissa and my cousins, Jen, Cheryl and Bob.

The view of the finish line.  Almost there...

We didn't win this time (yes, there were prizes) so Aden and I are going to be doing a lot of training before next year!

Melissa came in third, in the 1 mile walk.  I don't know if that's something to be proud of or not.

Jen and Cheryl and the boys, Jacob and Jonah, whose middle name is Aden!

Here is a rare sight.  Amy's dad with the stroller!

Genny and Jonah are close in age.

Aden had a great day.  Didn't cry at all.  Everyone wanted to see him.  When I pulled him out of the stroller there a collective "aaawwww" from all around the boardwalk.

I only let him gamble a little.  I don't want him to form any bad habits!