Thursday, August 29, 2019

Take Time To Be Kind

It's Thursday night.  Big weekend coming up.  Cousin Alex is getting married!  We are going to be surrounded by friends and family.  It's going to be fun! These are from last Thursday and Friday.  

I got up early Thursday to get my car washed and go to the market.  A seagull came to say hi.  
 It was Ariel's second day of surf camp.  

 Sadly, she did not last very long.  Stacey called and said she was sad.  She just didn't want to be there.  
 We went to the farmer's market at Steve and Cookies.  We ran into Charlie!  I didn't take any other pictures.  The twins were bad and it was really hot.  I took them home and Amy stayed a little longer.  
 During the day, our friends Erika and Mike from Florida dropped off their daughter Ashley at Muhlenberg College in Allentown, where Amy went.  
 They were coming to us that night!
 Checking out their new pails.  
 I went to pick up Ariel from surf camp.  
 Then it was another lazy afternoon in the pool.  

 We played outside waiting for our friends from Florida.  
 They got stuck in traffic and didn't get there till really late.  I had Manco & Mancos pizza delivered because I knew they would be hungry.  They loved it!
Friday morning, the twins were singing and dancing.  
I went to Juniors with my kids and Mike and Maya.  
Maya is 10 but really hit it off with Ariel.  
Years ago, Bev bought stuff to decorate Ariel's bed.  Maya wanted to do it so the girls worked on it while trying to avoid the twins.  

We took them to the point in Longport.  

It was pretty cool out.  They loved it because it's so hot in Florida.  

We then headed over to Ocean City.  We ran into Mara and family.  
They will be in class together.

We had lunch at a Greek place then headed to the go carts.  
Eli and I won the race!
We ran into Jake and Ryan!
Golf time.  I found the easiest course I could.  
It was very colorful.  

It got darker and darker.  
The rain was coming!  We just made it back to our cars.  
The kids went a little wild.  

It was a bit ambitious but all 9 of us went to the Hard Rock Casino.  I'm glad we went as the next night we weren't able to do much.  
Cute family missing their big girl.  
The twins were actually pretty good.  They really like being in casinos.  Is that a problem?  

Group shot!
I saw this picture of Kurt Cobain during the MTV Unplugged episode from the early 90's.  I remember this so well but he looks like such a baby here!
We went outside to the Steel Pier.  

We just did a couple of rides.  

It was time to get the little ones home.  Have a great Labor Day Weekend!