Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween 2013

Happy Halloween!!!  As you can imagine, it was a very big day for the kids.  For me too.  As Amy is homeroom mom and had to work, I became homeroom dad!  Ariel wore her new pumpkin dress.
 We played with stickers, then started to get dressed in our costumes.
 Dorothy and Derek's panda hat.
 Ariel's class.
 I think she's the only one that smiled.  She pretty much smiled the whole day.
 We got them pumped for the parade by doing the Five Little Pumpkins.
 Here we go, the youngest go first.
 Of course Ariel had to lead the way.
 Carrying Toto out of his basket.
 Some of the bigger kids.  I love the cupcake.
 Aden's class.
 There's Aden!

 Ariel was clapping for her brother.
 Baby Ella is way too cute.
 Ariel and Mrs. Angela.  The girl behind Ariel is the same age!

 It was a nice, warm morning and they had a big turnout.
 Ariel's class marched around then sat back down.
 Holding Toto tightly.
 Aden and Jake.

 Jake's costume was awesome!
Aden's class looked cute.

My parents were there!  Both kids were so happy to see them.

The little ones went hunting for pumpkins.
Ariel found a great one.
So proud.
Then we sang songs.
And headed back inside for a party.

I then went to help out with Aden's party a little.  Love that sundae bar.
I think I will pass on the veggies.
That's more like it.

What a fun day!  I will save trick or treating for another post.  If I have an cute videos, I will post later.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Mischief Night

It's 10:45 Wednesday night and Ariel is screaming in her crib.  She's been screaming for a very long time but we are determined for her to fall asleep in her bed.  It's really hard to listen to her.  These pictures were from the other morning.  They did this on their own!  Definite blackmail material for later on!

 Aden took this picture.
 Hip Hop.  Ms. Jen was only supposed to be the teacher for a few weeks but they still haven't hired anyone permanent.  So after like 8 or 9 weeks, I think Jen has hit the limit of her dance knowledge and the kids are getting bored.

 Watching mommy on the treadmill.  I will spare Amy any pictures.

 Aden ended up watching most of the class.
 He did like the hula hoop though.
 This was the middle of the night again.  Ugh.
 A mean game of checkers between Aden and Jake.
 Aden's turn!

 The pool heater was fixed finally!  It was a toasty 93 degrees!  Aden agreed to go in.

 Very classy Aden.
 Still doing the same level 3 stuff.
 Mark, Melissa and Burghy over for my mom's sweet and sour meatballs.

 She discovered the candy stash!
 It's Mischief night.  What kind of trouble can we get into?
 Making treat bags for Ariel's class.  The kids are very excited for Halloween tomorrow!