Thursday, November 30, 2017

Princeton Playspace

It's Thursday night.  Eli wouldn't sleep last night so let's all cross our fingers.  Tomorrow is somehow Friday.  We have a pretty quiet weekend coming up.  Not sure if that's good or not.  There is a clothing drive at Aden's school so we need to go through our closets.  I'm getting better at letting go of old clothes.  If I haven't worn it in a year, it's out.  Aden is going with his class to see Wonder tomorrow.  He loved the book and is so excited.  

These pics are from last Friday and Saturday.  We were stuck in the house all day Thanksgiving so we were ready for an adventure on Friday.  
 There is something weird about this shirt.  
 We took a ride up to the Princeton Playspace and met Melissa there.  
 What happened to that stomach virus?
 It was pretty quiet there.  The kids loved it.  They had so much fun.

 The twins were great at climbing, especially our little monkey Noah.

 I will take an ice cream sundae!
 Ok, Aden, time for you to play too.

 Back up to the top.
 It's a great place for us parents.  We could let the kids pretty much just play on their own.  

 Snack time!

 Even Gwen had fun!

 This was cool.  There were game projected on the ground and you played by stepping on the different things.  
Doing some cooking that night.
 Miss Toothless
Uh oh, what are you going to do Eli?

 Ariel modeling her new pajamas.
 Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Ariel and Her Muscles

It's late Wednesday night and Ariel's birthday is winding down.  She had a fabulous day.  She brought in cupcakes in the morning for her class.  Amy got her at 12 and took her to lunch then pottery painting then to a toy store.  After cheerleading, we met up with her friend Ashely who has the same birthday as her and Ashley's family for dinner and cake.  Lucky girl.  

Back to last week.  Here are some random pictures.  Another day another mess.
 The kids are getting chores.  They help set the table for dinner.  Noah is great with the napkins.
 Leaves are fun.

 Ariel and her 2 American Girl Dolls.  Notice that Ariel and Rebecca have matching pajamas.
 Feast at school.

 Ariel came with me to the gym.  She totally took over my training session.  

 Me and my toothless wonder.
 We were super late picking the twins up one day from school.  Their class was closed down and they were sent to the baby room.  We thought they would be upset but they loved it!

 Thanksgiving morning we watched the New York parade.  

 JoJo Siwa!
 Uh oh, we found a plant to destroy.  
Look what we did!
 Yes, we are bad.
 Wrapping fake presents for Ariel's play.
 Adding to our mess.
 Who are you calling?