Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Aden's Play!!!

It has been raining since yesterday (it's Wednesday night) and today was just ridiculous.  During the 5:00 news they said that 4-5 inches had already fallen and it's only gotten heavier since then!  Driving home from work was tricky, can't even imagine what it's like out there now.  I'm supposed to be taking the trash out.  Ugh.  Anyway, back to Aden's play.  The two kindergarten classes and the before and after kids put on a very different show than when they did Elf in the Winter.  This once was about dancing and gymnastics.  Aden was just a huge ham.
 Aden's easy to spot, he's the only one with white trim on his tank top.  It was the best I could find.
 Hey Jake!
 Ariel wanted to jump in.
 The girls.
 Here goes Aden!

 Mr. Cool.
 Aden at least attempted most of the stunts.

 Interesting choreography.
 The group.

 He really takes it seriously.

 Having a snack after the play.
Ok, here are some videos.  When you play each one, it will not automatically play them in the best quality.  It's worth the effort to hit the little gear on the lower right and change the quality to 1080p.  The videos will be way clearer that way.  Enjoy!

Swing Aden!

Our Little Slugger

It's a very stormy Wednesday morning.  Sorry I didn't post last night but I fell asleep at 9 and both the kids slept through the night in their beds.  I'm going to cherish this moment... Anyway, since I have to rush to get the kids ready for school this will be quick...

Playing footsie before school.

 Makeup baseball game.

 Warming up.
 Getting better.
 Makes contact now in the first few pitches.  He's much happier.

 I think he needs a helmet that fits.
 Love Gina's hair.
 Our neighbors.
 Ariel has become friends with all the siblings.  She ran around playing and talking with different kids.
 He looks cute here.
 Go Ariel!
 We brought the snacks.  Ariel checked them out.
 Aden loves his Spidey gloves.
 Pig out!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Tostones and Empenadas

Saturday night we were supposed to go to West Chester to pick up Amy's new car.  It was great timing as her lease was up that day.  The car had come in but it had a problem and they needed a few days to get it ready.  It was a shame.  It was a nice day and I was kind of looking forward to spending some time in West Chester.  Oh well.  So we threw together a last minute bbq for my sister and Mark (Mel was in New York for Cara's birthday)

 She actually fell right after this picture was taken and complained about her booboo on her leg for days.  For a while she said she couldn't walk but she didn't cry when I squeezed her leg.  Such a drama queen.
 Super dad!

Sunday morning we skipped Sunday school and swim and went to Avery's second birthday party at a Little Gym.
 Aden was the biggest kid there but he had a blast.
 Ariel not so much.
 She was cranky for no apparent reason, other than her boo boo.

 My boy has got some great hair!
 She finally perked up and played.
 Hey Amanda, move out of my way!
 They kind of look alike here.

Howard and baby Tali.  Tali and Avery are only a year and a half apart.

 The kids loved this blow up thing.
 Aww.  Jen and Baby Tali.
 Let the air out!

 Sunday night, we went with Todd and Ali and Chad and Lindsay into the City for a belated birthday dinner.  We tried one of Jose Garce's (an Iron Chef) newer places, Rosa Blanca.  His wife is Cuban and he made this place for her.
 The food was great and the company was even better!  A great way to celebrate my birthday.