Monday, September 30, 2019

Quick Break

Taking a 2 day break!  Look for a new post on Wednesday!!!

Thursday, September 26, 2019

The 2x List

It's Thursday night.  Watching the very exciting Eagles games.  There's really no defense happening.  Lots of scoring.  The Eagles have actually lead most of the game.  We are in the middle of the 4th.  Back to last week.  Thursday was off to a chilly start!
 At class I noticed Noah was on the 2x list.  He had to be told to do something more than 2x.  
 Ariel on piano.  
 Aden on guitar.  
 Everyone nice and quiet!
 Friday morning, the boys were being silly.  

 This was after school.  They had some fun with the cups.  
 Looks like Eli joined Noah on the 2x list.  
 Eva and Gwen came for dinner.  
 Eli was the entertainment.  
 Noah got jealous and had to join in.  
 Playing football with Winston.  
 Silly in the basement.  

 We went outside to watch the space station fly overhead.  
 That's it!  It was pretty cool.  Even the twins seemed impressed.  
 Ariel likes to read bedtime stories.  Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Goo Goo Clusters

It's Wednesday night.  Last Wednesday night I put out both the twins toddler beds in the trash not knowing if they would be taken.  They took 1 and left the other with a ticket!  Apparently you get 1 bulk item per week.  I guess the other one goes out tonight.  I was hoping someone would take them.  We are finally almost out of baby stuff!  

Last Monday, the boys started a new gym class at the Northampton Rec Center.  They were with their friends Kennedy, Peyton, Ace, Ryan and Claire.  
 They actually listened.  
 There's Annie watching.  

 The kids had fun.

 The boys were so happy to play with their friends.  

 We have some nice pre-school moms.  
 We have a Cracker Barrel nearby but have never eaten there.  We went to check it out.  I have to say the food was very bland but the gift shop was amazing!

 There were candies from Nashville that we didn't get to try when we were there so I got some!  Goo Goo Clusters!
 You can take the teacher out of the school but not the school out of the teacher!
 Tuesday morning, the boys watched our neighbors getting a new roof.  
 They yelled out questions to the guys and they answered!

 My silly one.  
 We went to synagogue to learn about Aden's hebrew school curriculum.  
 This popped up on facebook.  Noah was so little!

Best Song

It's Wednesday morning.  Yesterday was the funeral and shiva for bubbie.  It was a tough day but truly beautiful being with family and friends.  She will be missed but mostly celebrated.  I actually fell asleep last night without doing this or even getting ready for bed.  I guess I was emotionally and physically wiped out.  

Back to last Sunday. A dear friend of our was nominated for an Emmy!  She was in Parkland High School during the horrible shooting a year and a half ago.  HBO made a documentary about it called the Song of Parkland.  Ashley wrote the song that HBO used for the documentary and she was nominated for best song!  At 18 years old!    
 HBO flew her and her parents to LA for the show.
 Ashley was interviewed and got to meet famous people.  
 She loves Ru Paul.  

 She had some pretty big competition and sadly did not win but what a fabulous experience!  

Sunday morning, Ariel had cheer pictures.  

 So sweet!
 The boys had a mean hockey game going.  
 Jessica brought over baby Matthew to play.  

 Ariel is ready to sit!
 We went to Todd and Ali's to swim.  It was such a beautiful day.  
 I'm not ready for summer to end.