Tuesday, May 31, 2022

More Mickey's for Eli

It's Tuesday night.  The kids went back to school today.  I went to work.  Amy did what Amy does.  It was so hot today.  Poor Aden.  The AC broke at school and they did not let them get out early.  

Last Monday, Ariel did some back handsprings.  She's trying to do a few every day to get stronger at them.
I grilled some chicken for dinner.  
Aden had a flag game.  

The twins keep making us read Dr. Seuss.  It's so hard!
Aden got wizard Mickey from Aunt Melissa and Uncle Mark.  
Poor Heather reading Dr. Seuss.  
He also got a Mickey hat.  

Last Tuesday, Amy went to watch the boys in class.  
After work, I checked out the new Topgolf Philadelphia on the Boulevard.  It was my first time at one.  So cool!
Dave and I hit a few balls.  
I got close to some of the targets.  
A little sweet treat.  
I got a new smoker! (thanks mom and dad)
Can't wait to make some great food.  
We had guitar and piano.  
The twins had a game and played really well.  They had hits and made plays in the field.  
More Dr. Suess!


Monday, May 30, 2022

Second Chabad Bat Mitzvah

It's Monday night, Memorial Day, and we are just back from the shore.  As long as the Winter was, when I'm at the shore, it's like I never left.  This was also the best weather we've had for MDW like ever.  That means next year it will probably snow.  Lsat Sunday was a big day.  

Honey woke up Ariel and Harper.  

Then she came back to snuggle with me.  
I went for the 4th grade event at Hebrew school.  
Part of their life cycles class, they had to name their babies.  Of course Ariel's baby was rolling his eyes.  
Great job!
Of course Ariel and Dori had to do some cheer.  

I stayed for the service.  

Last day of Hebrew School.  

The rabbi and teachers got pies in their faces.  

Back for a few minutes, then we had to get dressed.  
We went to our neighbor Arielle's Bat Mitzvah at the Chabad in Newtown.  Funny we went to a Bat Mitzvah the previous week in Florida on a Friday and this was a Sunday.  I thought they were always Saturdays.  Turns out the Chabad will not do it with girls on Saturday.  

Big kids table.  
Ariella read some prayers.  

The food kept coming out all day long.  

I love Eli's face.  
"The kids had fun.  
I did Coke and Pepsi with Noah.  

This was like 4 hours in, they brought out huge skewers.  
Cake time.  
Ariel wanted to wear my tie.  

A few more snuggles with Honey before Mark and Melissa got home from Disney. 
Mark came late to get her.  
Bye Honey!