Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Back From Flroida

This is your post for Wednesday.  Last Sunday, we got up super early and said goodbye to Florida.  
Look at that sky!
It poured on the way to the airport and we even got a rainbow.
Of course Ariel had to have her Starbucks.  
She ran into her Hebrew School teacher there.  They are both missing school that day I guess.  
Bye Florida, till next time.  
We got back and went right next door to Ari's swim party.  Eli had always been a little afraid of the water but was loving the pool that day.  
Awesome cake!

Our cake expert.

I grilled dinner.  
Then Harper and Mia came over.  There was a Zoom call with all the junior girls from camp that night.  

This was cute to listen to.  
Ariel volunteered to tell all the new girls what a typical day at camp is like.  
The giant gummies they got from Florida!
Last Monday, the painting got going again.  
Bye brown.  
I ran my slowest mile ever at the gym.  
Homework time.  
Crazy sky.  

They had to watch a movie in the basement as the family room was all covered up.  

It stormed then we got a rainbow!
Honey came over late to stay with us.  

Noah tried on his grasshopper outfit.  

My cousin Amy in Florida got engaged!


Monday, May 23, 2022

Maya's Party

It's Monday night.  Today was really nice.  Way cooler than the weekend.  Back to Maya's Bat Mitzvah.  After the cocktail hour, we headed into the party room, which was beautiful.  

Maya took pictures down in Miami.  
I haven't seen cousin Jason in years.  
Let's bring in the hosts and the bat mitzvah girl!

Ariel hung with Ryan.  

So pretty!
Erik and Mike having fun with their friends.  
The lovely hostess and I.  

The kids danced all night.  Actually, they bounced.  
The Air Jordans were gone fast.  Just socks for the night.  
My parents dearest friends.  

Candlelighting time!

Lots of kids.  
Maya up in the chair.  
Big sister Ashley.  
Buffet is served!

The dancing pretty much never stopped.  
It was a fun crowd.  

The desserts were beautiful.  

What to eat?
Ariel and I with Mike and Erika.  
Ariel and Ryan got pulled onto the dancefloor by a couple of teenagers.  
Ariel loved it!
She danced so much!
I danced mostly by myself.  
Ariel and Maya.  
We were like the last ones to leave after 12.  
Finally in bed by 1.  Our flight was early the next morning.