Sunday, December 30, 2018

Creepy Eyes

It's an exciting Sunday night.  The defending Super Bowl Champion Eagles did not have the best year.  Besides the ridiculous amount of injuries, the magic just seemed to not be there and they looked like they were not going to make the playoffs this year.  They went into today's game, the last regular season game, with a 28% chance of making the playoffs.  The Eagles had to win and the Vikings had to lose.  We ended up shutting out the Redskins, then the Bears, who didn't have anything to play for, beat the Vikings!  So directly and indirectly, the Eagles knocked the Vikings out of the playoffs the last 2 years.  Yay!  Tomorrow is New Years Eve.  19 years since the millennium!  Wow!  

Back to the blog.  These are from last Sunday and Monday night.  I will post Monday's day pictures tomorrow.  We did some crafts.

 Then we opened some late Hanukkah presents.  

That night we braved the Willow Grove Mall.  It was packed.  I took Eli into Sears to use the bathroom and he asked where all the people were.  It was eerily quiet.  Poor Sears.  
 The kids got new shoes.  Ariel got pink Uggs.  
 Aden is getting an Apple laptop.  We were checking them out.

 Ariel's scary dolls.  She hates when you say that!
 Monday night, Christmas Eve, Ariel's friend Mara and her mom came to hang out.  
 We watched Santa flying around on the computer.

 Before she went to bed, Ariel remembered to go outside and spread the reindeer food.
 She was hoping to see Santa!

Thursday, December 27, 2018

World Series 1983

It's Thursday night.  Break is starting to move a little quicker.  We have to start thinking about New Years Eve already.  Today was quiet.  Ariel had a play date, which Amy and I crashed.  Her friend from Breezy Point became friends with another of our friend's daughters in elementary school so we all got together.  Here's a short post to end the week.  

I went for a haircut.  Ariel had to tag along to get the sweets they always have put out.  
 While we were there, Ariel asked if she could get her nails done.

 I had my most intense workout ever!  I ran for almost an hour then was with my trainer for 1/2 an hour.  I usually get around 125 points, which are based on effort, for a workout, this time I got 173!
Saturday was a lazy day.
 The kids took pictures of each other.

 Allison came over so we could escape for a little.
 We met friends for dinner at La Stalla.  When we got there, there were a couple of fire engines outside.  We got worried and started making other dinner arrangements.  We poked our head in and it was just Santa riding the trucks!
I thought this was amusing.  Amy likes Eli Manning though.  He's one of the inspirations for Eli's name.
 I also found this.  A bit of a flashback.  Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

School Parties

It's Wednesday night.  We got out a little bit today.  Aden went to the gym with me.  I took Noah to a new bounce place.  Ariel went to the ballet.  These are the rest of the pictures from last week.

Eli watching the red trash truck.
I went to Dave & Busters.
 Snack time at pre-school.
 Ariel loves her special pillow.

 Friday was a big day.  It was the last day of school before break and ll the kids had parties.  I went in to the twin's class early with Amy who read to the kids.   
 The kids aren't old enough to be embarrassed by their parents yet!

 We got presents for the teachers.

 Here are some pics we got from Ariel's party.

The principal came to speak at Aden's party, which Amy ran.
It was also Eva's birthday!  We went to their house for cake.

 Happy 5th birthday Eva!

 Eli loves his cake!