Thursday, October 29, 2015

Whip and Nae Nae

Somehow it's Thursday night.  I know you are probably tired of hearing about baby sleeping patterns but last night something went right.  We were eating dinner around 6 and both boys were cranky tired.  We put them in their cribs figuring they could take a small nap while we finished.  They both woke up the next morning between 6 and 7.  That's almost 12 hours!  Amy kept waking up because she figured they would be up anytime.  I slept like a baby! Tonight we had the annual Halloween party at Aden's school.  That was fun.  We debuted the twins costumes and they were a big hit.  I will post pics soon.  

Last Saturday, we went to synagogue for a late afternoon children's service and dance party.

Listening to the rabbi on the floor.
We danced around.
 We had lots of help with the babies.
 There's Ali and Nate.
 Then Ms. Marilyn took over.
 Aden woke up when he could Whip and Nae Nae.

 Melissa and Jackie and the girls.
 The kids always love her lap.

 I really wanted a picture of the 6 of us.  This was the best out of a bunch.  I'm sad it has to be so hard.
 It's a little easier with just the babies.
 Parachute time.

 Good big brother.
 Hey, where are those hands Sammy?
 So that's how pizza is made.
 I'm skipping ahead to dinner Sunday night.  We went to Vecchia Osteria in Newtown to celebrate my mom's 39th birthday.  (or something like that)
 My grandmother had her fill of the twins.
 Happy Birthday Mom!  You rock!
 Ariel and I were taking a selfie and my dad photo bombed it!
Noah's new trick.  He sits up in bed.

Have a great weekend!  Eat lots of candy!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Glasses Galore

Last night was awful.  We barely slept.  Let's hope tonight's better. It's Wednesday night and I have to take out the trash but it's pouring.  I will hold out as long as possible.  I'm actually watching the World Series because it's fun to see New York lose!  

Back to Saturday.  This is still where we dump the kids so we can get a few more minutes of sleep.
Soccer time.  It was cold so Amy and the babies did not come.
This was pre-game practice.
 Aden and his buds.

 Stretching before the game.
 Aden got to play his old buddy Reid again.  I tried to get shots of both of them together.

 Not hard because Reid was always involved in the action.
 Ariel found Reid's brother Will.
Then she kicked the ball around with grandpop.

 Aden stopped a goal and his friends tackled him!

Ariel is the team mascot.
 Ok, time to head to your game!
 Ariel did not last very long.  It was lucky Amy didn't come.  
 She looked like she was ready to play but she wasn't.
 Sammy did great though!
 Ariel had fun hanging out with Nicky at the swings.

 Then it was time to pick up daddy's glasses.
 The kids had a lot of fun at Glasses Galore.